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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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hi friends my sbi clerk interview on 6th may plz send me some interview question my mail id :

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are u preparing only for sbi clerical or any other bank?plz help how to answer this

State Bank Of India SBI,


Hi, Iam in the wait listed candidates of Karnataka bank clerical exam interview results held on jan 3rd.Can anyone tell me what could the chances of getting selected or just forget about it and search for another job.

Karnataka Bank,

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hi, i m shikha and i have been selected for 2010 sbi clerical interview. i have done through distance education. plz tell me what questions will be asked????

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hi friends, i m shikha and i have been selected for sbi clerical interview 2010 which is on 8th may. i have done B.Sc(IT) through distance education. plz tell me about questions that may be asked.


hi friends first of all i congratulate all selected candidates selected for interview. If one of u have got call letter for Delhi for 30th April 2010 plz inform me on my email u also can contact me on 09017785585

State Bank Of India SBI,


What will the salary structure for intermediates for the clerical post?

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hi, i m rashmi, i m selected for interview of sbi clerical2010, pliz tell me what type of questions are asked in interview... pliz mail me at

State Bank Of India SBI,


iam selected for sbi bank clerk interview iam be electrical and electronics student how to answer for the question plese introduce your self and postive and negative what are the protucds in our bank

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Why would you want to change your career from IT.

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Hai friends, I am an exserviceman. What are certificates are required to carry to Interview Board on the day of SBI clerical Interview? Please let me know anybody.

State Bank Of India SBI,


what is present SBI Call Rate and SBI VALUE in sensex?


why u would like to be a part of s .b .i


hii frns this is ruchi again thax for ur ans. i m selected from mumbai crcl n i dont know the date of intrviw.kub tak hoga kya kuch idea hai? and my qus are 1) what is core banking and its advantags and disadvantags. 2)what is muslim banking? share ur ans. bst of luck. thanx.

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What is the profile of an clerk?

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Hi friends,My SBI clerical interview is on 6th May.So please whoever attended the interview,kindly share the experience.It would be grateful.Waiting for a positive response.Thank u.My mail id is


IS There anyone from MP Region who finally got selected in SBI Clerical 2009-10? If yes then pls do tell that whether you have got any intimation about Medical and Other Pre-Posting formalities....pls pls share this important info here coz for other states these all processes have been started??


yaarr..if anyone hv sum clue abt d date of SBI CLERICAL INTERVIEW declaration


hi friends, i m shikha and i have been selected for sbi clerical interview 2010 which is on 8th may. i have done B.Sc(IT) through distance education. plz tell me about questions that may be asked.


hi friends, I am sathish. i have cleared the sbi clerical written exam. Now i have to attend the interview. Can anybody suggest how to face the interview and what type of questions they will ask in the interview. Please do mail me regarding this to my mail id With regards, Sathish K


explain you would be an asset for this organisation?


why do you want to work for sbi?


hii i selected for karnataka bank interview is 1st june 2011. im frm andhra pradesh.can i get job placement to andhra after finishing the interview.any 1 selected frm andhra plz msg me on 7207655202


establishment question about railway


4 months gone sbi not declaring the results even though they gonna increase the vacancies still some information regarding results should be posted on their site what the hell is this largest public sector bank doing????????


hi friends !!! do anyone have any idea , after how many days of result declaration, sbi will commence the training for selected candidates and for how many days n when will they declare details of banks allotted to them ....


what is the criteria for sbi clerical 2009 interview dates will be sechduled


in sbi associate biodata form,what we have to write under column "indicate faculty " under class x?


Hi friends i am M.Ponraj, i have been selected for the post of Sorting Assistant in RMS'T'Division(Tiruchirapalli), Department of Posts, India on December 29th 2009. In trichy division 23 candidates were selected and 10 of them were given induction training and they are to be posted in trichy division. I am waiting for the induction training. In the mean time i got selected in the SBI-Clerk written exam and attended the interview for it in Chennai on 26th April 2010. Any one selected as Sorting Assistant in RMS attended SBI-Clerk interview on april or may 2010. If so Please mail me to Thanks, M.Ponraj (+91-9655975726) 22nd May 2010


hello, i m in IOB as clerk (joined 23 nov 2009) and i have passed sbi written test of clerical, i m confused whether to show i m in IOB or not in interview, if yes then i have to give NO OBJECTION CERT. pls guide me......