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Hii friends, This is gousuddin(MCA). i have cleared the written test of SBI clerical held on 01-05-2009 and was called for interview on 28-05-2009. what ques wud b asked 4 comp. guys? what is a character certificate asked in the BD form? pls reply

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I want some question about Bank of baroda clerical interviews. please you send me

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is there any one who has selected for interview on 25 may from himachal shimla....plz help me related to interview question n how many chances are there for selection if i give a bad interview n i did no preparation for interview bcz i m from lucknow...


anyone whose interview is in shimla plz contact me


When will Result of ALLAHABAD CLERICAL held on 15-03-2009 is most likely to come?

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guys...ihave a problem..i have cleared the written exam.but i am not yet a graduate..can any1 tell me how is it going to affect my interview ??

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I have to face an interview on 14th May in REPCO Bank. I want to know what type of questions will be asked in interview. Please send sample questions & answers to my e- mail id.THANKYOU

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hi i have been selected for interview on 29.05.2009 for associate bank of sbi for clerical post. i dont know what they may ask in interview pls anyone guide how should i prepare and whatelse they may ask in interview (Bank applied - state bank of mysore) pls help me - krithika

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hello sir i ahve got selected for clerical cadar for dena bank.Please send me the different questioins asked in qualifiaction is MCA should it effect while interviewer.Should i hide my original qualification.



hi guys i have a problem.. i m from mumbai.. i have my dena bank interview on 29 th may morning 8 am. on same day i have sbi associate bank interview at 12-30. now i am confused about what to do.. though they have called me at 8 am around what time do u think my interview will take place?.. can i attend both interviews?.. can i change the date of any 1 interview?.. or will i be able to attend both interviews on same day?.. what will happen if i reach sbi interview a little late than the time mentioned on call letter?

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HI this is Varun from Shimla(H.P)...I have cleared the ass. sbi clerk exam.My interview is on 30 may.Is thr anyone from himachal who has cleared the exam.Please tell so tht we can prepapre for the interview.... also specify the date on which u r having the interview...Thx Waiting for reply


HI I got call for the dena bank clerical cadre.I am engineering student 6th sem IT. Is it necessary for me to produce the computer proficiency certificate?And one more question my sixth sem paper is on the same day 28th of may when the interview is.Is it possible to attend the interview on 29th if i tells the board the reason?

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suggest some book for prepration of clerical interview of sbi.


Dear All, I am selected for Dena Bank Interview which is scheduled on 20-05-2009. so i am request to all who have given any govt. clerical interview or face, provide u expirence. Please Please share ur expirence & send the study materials or tips which u received from ur frnz for facing the clarical interview, it's very urjent for me. Please send this on my E-Mail id All clerical interview question, it would be any thing please send ???? Without fail all are requested to mail on the above id. Thanks in advance

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Hi dear...i too have been selected for the interview of Dena Bank on 23.05.2009..and wanted to know about the all possible questions can be asked in the interview...thsi is my last Plz Plz...Guide me.& helpme....who so ever has faced such interviews earlier...And request to all who are facing interviw on 18.05.09 & 20.05.09 ton post there experinces & questions asked....i would be really oblized...My id is Mail me as soon as possible...

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when will sbi clerk 2009 interview results come which was held in may second week..


hi, i m rashmi, i m selected for interview of sbi clerical2010, pliz tell me what type of questions are asked in interview... pliz mail me at


yaarr..if anyone hv sum clue abt d date of SBI CLERICAL INTERVIEW declaration


I am working with a co-operative bank as a Trainee Officer and I am on probation. I am selected for SBI interview. Will I need to submit NOC. If I ask for NOC it can be a negative effect towards my existing employer. If I am not selected in SBI there are chances I cann loose my job here also


i have cleared aptitude test in repco foundation. Now gonna attend my interview on 20.03.2012 .Can u tell me what kind of questions will be asked in the interview.




hey guys i attended my interview on 29th April in a delhi zone.They were asking so simple question that i was surprised. I preapred day and night for the interview collecting all the question from this link and other site as well as from GS book but they simply asked 1) tell us about ur family 2) about u 3) Why u want to join banking and not IT . 4) Advantages and disadvantages of computer. 5) Where is hawamahal. 6) about pink city 7) who discovered electron. 8) who invented telephone. that's all I think it was just waste of time preparing banking related questions.


please send me last ten years entrance exam question papers of sbi clerical?


why do you want to joint banking sector?


Recently i had an interview in SBI on 3rd of MAY. The interview question was as: 1) Tell me 7 wonders ? 2) Who is CM of Karnataka ? 3) How many district in Karnataka ? 4) since my native place is Ramgarh so interviewer asked me that any famous movie based upon this location ? 5) since i am from technical background so they asked me about RAM , Processor , Bluetooth ? 6) They asked some question from current affairs like what is UID and what is census ? 7) What do u know about SBI ? I answred all the question except how many district in Karnataka. Thats it guys. The interview was full of fun. When i answered that movie sholey is based uopn place Ramgarh the moment on that time was funny. All interviwer laughed and i too. There were three interviewer in the room. In front of me the male interviewer had an age of 40-50. In my left side male interviewer had an age of 40-50. In my left side female interviewer had an age of 30-40. Any more question about the fun interview mail me at:


current affair related questions wid answers also,,if any body know ,,,,which may b asked in sbi interview???????


what is bank crisis?


what all marketing questions may be asked in sbi interview.. thanks in advance


Hey anybody having interview in Chandigarh circle..Plz post their questions and experiences in Interview..... Thanx In advance......