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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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when will i get appointment letter for sbh clerk i recieved message on 3rd july2009

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Hai i got selected for SBM, Tamilnadu... Is there anyone selected For SBM.. if so please say when we get the orders.. I dont know what to do and where to get information regarding this.. So please help me... If any one knows any information just add please.. MY id is

State Bank Of India SBI,


SCALE OF PAY: 4410-215/3-5055-335/3-6060-470/4-7940-500/3- 9440-560/4-11680-970/ 1-12650-560/1-13210/// HAI THOSE WHO ALL SELECTED FOR ASSOCIATE BANKS OF SBI, please explain me the above pay scale.. i couldnt understand that...any one who knows about this please reply... Now iam already working for Rs.8500/month in a research project for a temporary basis.. will it be fine for me to continue here itself or go to the clerk job that i got in SBM, Tamilnadu.. Iam confused, please guide me and give your suggestions.... my id is

State Bank Of India SBI,

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sir, i have been selected in bank of baroda clerical recruitment 2008 the test for which was held on 30-11-2008, after the interview. my interview was on 27-05-2009. recently the bank declared its result on 10-07-2009 and my roll. No. was there in the selected candidates list. but sir i m confused that whether any kind of test would be taken further by the bank or not or it is the final selected list for the appointment. now what will be the steps taken by the bank for selection.there is one more thing to ask that in the result it is written that "candidates with following roll No. are found provisionally eligible for appointment in Bank of Baroda", what does provisionally indicate here? As the result was declared on 10-07-2009 but there is no intimation sent till yet neither in my e-mail id nor in the bank's website. so when & how i can have information about that sir i shall be highly obliged to u if u help me to make clear my confusion. kindly inform me on my e-mail (

Bank of Baroda,

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how many vacant posts are there in SBH - AP in r/o 1.3.2009 exam?

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i am selected for a job in state bank of Hyderabad and dena bank. but i have still not received appointment letter. so please can any one tell me placement?

State Bank of Hyderabad SBH,

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hey all hearty congrates 2 all who r selected in sbi associate banks. i am also selected. now i have a problem. the mail id i gave during registration is not valid. i gave instead of is there a way 2 correct this? have they sent ny mail? Pls.... ans


Hi this is pradeep i got selected from north karnataka region for sbh. Could any one tell me when the appointment order will be issued?

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HI everyone congrats for select in sbi i select for sbp punjab cercile i got a email from sbp on 15/7/09 for my selection and they write there that within month thay send me my appointment letter thanks and friends the pay is the best in bank from any govt dept. so dont left this chance and pay increment after every three months so now think after 5 years what is our pay my email id is

State Bank Of India SBI,


Friends! Any body got sms who r not selected for clerk in associate banks of sbi ??? b'caz last time the people who r not selected also got sms. what about this time ? is there any second list.......


SBH ONLY,i read some message where somebody from SBP got Email,I am selected for SBH and not got any message frm them in any form.This thread is for SBH Only,guys selected for SBH can communicate,post messages and inform others if they receive any communication frm SBH or abt the progress.

State Bank of Hyderabad SBH,

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what are the responsibilities of a clerk in SBI or its Associates what are the career/future prospects of a clerk in SBI what is the current salary of a clerk in SBI and, if revised , what would be the salary after revision?


Hello Everyone!!! Can any1 tell me whn will be the joining for the dena bank clerks..... results r out n appointment letter is still not received in Gujarat. Anybody who got the letter (gujarat state ).. Thanks...

BSRB, Dena Bank,

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is there ny1 hu can tell me wen will the candidates hu hv bin finally selected in sbbj clerk xam get their appointment letters? i m desperately waiting 4 that. plz let me no if u hve ny information regarding this, plzzzzzzzzzzz........

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hi this is sonu. i got selected in both sbh and dena bank as clerck.. which one is better.. i live in mumbai..very few branches of sbh in mumbai. i dont want to leave mumbai.. what do u suggest??

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hi.. plz tell me about "when will syndicate bank publishes the list of candidates selected in the interview...."


Anyone appearing Vijaya Bank Clerk interview, please inform me when will result declare, r they waiting for SBI Clerk result,it is too lazy to announce 500 clerk result,they have no other recruitment also, it is now 45 days of interview.9854932513


you have done BE in computer science branch.So why you want to join the bank clerk? plz give me the positive ans regarding the above statement? and send the logic behind it? please send the ans to mail id ""


why we should select u in sbi


sir i cleared sbi clerk written and selected for interview. i added my qualification as but i didnt completed. will they allow me to interview??




How many branches of psb are there in India?


When will be the result of State Bank Of India Associate Clerical Exam held in January this year is likely to get announce? If any idea please share the information here.


Hi friends i am M.Ponraj, i have been selected for the post of Sorting Assistant in RMS'T'Division(Tiruchirapalli), Department of Posts, India on December 29th 2009. In trichy division 23 candidates were selected and 10 of them were given induction training and they are to be posted in trichy division. I am waiting for the induction training. In the mean time i got selected in the SBI-Clerk written exam and attended the interview for it in Chennai on 26th April 2010. Any one selected as Sorting Assistant in RMS attended SBI-Clerk interview on april or may 2010. If so Please mail me to Thanks, M.Ponraj +91-9655975726 20May2010


yaarr..if anyone hv sum clue abt d date of SBI CLERICAL INTERVIEW declaration


hi ........ i have been selected for syndicate bank interview on 8th oct ,this is my first interview... so can any one suggest me few tips plz........


Hi all, While I'm applying for the written exam wrongly I gave as general and later I came to know bef the interview tht I'm BC:(..I got proper singatures at the back of the call letter..but while interviewing me they dint consder tht.Will it be a negative for me during the selection and under which category i'll be considered Can any one guide me regarding this.


hi guys! can u plz tell me the cut offs marks for bank clerical recruitment(objectives)?


when will be sbi assoicate banks clerks recrutiment2011 result released?


what are the commercial roles of the banks