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how many vacant posts are there in SBH - AP in r/o 1.3.2009

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how many vacant posts are there in SBH - AP in r/o 1.3.2009 exam?..

Answer / thimmappa

is there second list in sbh?

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how many vacant posts are there in SBH - AP in r/o 1.3.2009 exam?..

Answer / vani

As per Advt: sbh in AP
sc,st- 190

total : 825

I have 1 doubt in what ratio they have called for interview.

last time sbi gave 2nd list,this time will it be there?

If anybody knows just give reply

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how many vacant posts are there in SBH - AP in r/o 1.3.2009 exam?..

Answer / ganesh

Is there second list sbh

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what motivates you to join banking sector?

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Hello guys and gals, Congratulations to those who have passed their exam for SBI clerk 2010. I am also through with the exam and have my interview scheduled on 30th April 2010. Could you people who are having interview before this date let me know the questions asked(after your interview). I am commerce graduate and I will appreciate your help before this date. Thanks and All D Best.

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Hi i'm gauri, can any one help me to prepare upcoming bank of maharashtra clerical exam interview. how to prepare for that.

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hi... i m nitin and i selected for sbi clerical interview 2010. but i have no idea to check my interview schedule. can anyone tell me how do i check he interview dates. my emai is please send me the process that how do i know when does the interview is going on.

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any one take the interview on 26 to 10 may from chennai

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