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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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Is Municipal Corporator a Gazetted officer?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Friends!Anyone have given the sbi clerical interview,share ur experience ?

State Bank Of India SBI,


I am surya, working in coast guard, recently I was called for Dena Bank Clerical grade interview,though I did not get NOC I attended the interview. What should I do if I got selected? But there is NOC Problem. Plz give advice.


hi frnds, this is vikas thakur from himachal pradesh. i have been called for the interview by sbi. kindly post me the answer of following questions to help me. thanks in advance 1) name of the largest bank of world and of india? 2) what does these terms stands for: A) rapo rate B) css


What questions will be asked in the INTERVIEW going to be held on 25th of MAY for the posts of CLERK in associate banks of SBI ........?????????


Hi guys, Is there anyone who had appeared for SBI Clerical Interview which started from 20th May.Those who had already appeared for interview please kindly share their experiene with us, so that it can help us..My interview is on 28th May..

State Bank Of India SBI,


hi this is roma here belong to commerce background is anyone there who can help. i have got my bank of baroda interview on this monday(25th june)at baroda so can you please guide me what are the questions i can expect from them..

Bank of Baroda,

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Can anyone(who selected in writen exam)please post, how you are prepared for the exam?Is there are tips for solving problems...?How many marks you got in the exam(which is helpful people to give importance to the subject)...... This is very help full to the next prepare people to get success in bank exams?


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My interview for S.B.I (associate bank) was today 22may...09

State Bank Of India SBI,

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what is the ratio to be selected the eligible candidates in the written test?

State Bank Of India SBI,


Hi guys. I have clered the written test for sbi clerk post. and i have interview tomorrow i.e; 23may,2009 I have done MCA in 2008. some of my friends told that " dont say about MCA" because they wont prefer highly over qualifies people. So should i say this qualification in interview. If i say what is the best answer to defend this. Or If dont say then they may ask what did u do after ur graduation. Please answer my question...i have interview tomorrow

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i have a confusion. I have got 59% marks in XII. But I have 60% marks in B.Sc. and 70% in MCA. Do I qualify for interview? As they have written that one should have 60% marks in XII. Somebody told me that they will also consider hogher degree.

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can attestation of Identity Certificate b done by Municipal Corporator

State Bank Of India SBI,


Hi, guys this is sharan here... mine interview for clercial post in SBI is on 30th of this month i.e may 2009... just wanted to know the possible questions they might ask in the interview... if anybody attended before plz let me know.... plz mail me @ thanks in advance...

State Bank Of India SBI,


Hi friends i attended SBH interview in Andhrapradesh State Region on 23.05.2009 at 11:35 hrs. It is fine. If you have any doubts about verification of documents and interview feel free to call 9492038751. There were three members in interview panel sitting on sofa and i was offered a chair to sit on. Now the inter view questions are : What is speciality of you district ? Ans. Important pilgrimage centres and tourist spots What is your father ? Why there is big gap after ur last education ? What are Newtons laws of motion ? (I am Diplomo candidate) What are todays main news ? What is ATM ? What is micro finance ? Who won Nobel prize from Bangladesh on micro finance ? Do u know hindi ? What is our rashtra basha ? ( Not rajya basha ) Do u read new papers daily ? Which english daily u read ? Ans : I said Hindu News Paper Do u know rifle shooting ? (as i am a NCC candidate) That's all friends. But i gathered some good information useful for this SBH interview also. I have attended interview class in a coaching centre also. Bye and best of luck to all those who got SBH interviews.

State Bank of Hyderabad SBH, State Bank Of India SBI,

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Hi!All, I have been called for the SBI clerical grade interview. As for the documents I do not have the passing certificate of my Intermediate, and the final degree of Garduation at present, but have got the provisional certificate and the degree respectively, but I've got all the marksheets. Is there any problem if I carry the marksheets only for the interview, can I submit the final certificates later..?? Please help...


hi. i got shortlisted for interview in bank of india clerical exam.So pls tell me what questions are asked in the interview?


What was the contraversy of NAval chief on 26/11 Mumabi attack


i finished my interview on 8th may....... they asked me these questions...... 1)tell me abt urself(I andwered for 2 mins) 2)difference between 2g and 3g(3g is faster than 2g)i forgot to answer that 3g has more bandwidth and it is circuit switched network 3)what is the uniqueness of 500 rupees note (that circle at corner for blind people , wen in light the colour of 500 changes) 4)what is the technology of atm(i dont know) 5)what are the different types of deposits(Recurring and fixed deposits) 6)what is recent hockey tournament going on(this also i dont know) 7)who is leading in recent world chess championship(anand wen i saw but later i dont know who was leading) 8)who is topper in recent IAS exams?(i didnt answer) 9)what u consider as ur life time achievement? the panel was very no tension...... ALL THE BEST for the rest........


what is present SBI Call Rate and SBI VALUE in sensex?


why i am going to hire you?


what all marketing questions may be asked in sbi interview.. thanks in advance


what is the role of sbi in development of rural indian and farmers?






can anyone please explain whether getting promoted as po through departmental exams is better or directly getting po post through competitive exams while working as a clerk of a bank?


My question is to them those who have passed the interview of state bank of india which was held in oct 2008. I want to know after how many days the result declare and what was the procedure then after?


Hi friends my name is Buna, got selected in SBI clerk exam 09. I am a sci 2008 grad.I dont have any work exp till now. What if they ask me. What shud i answr. Kindly give ur feedback and also let me know clerical interview qques on my mail id "". respond sooner thanks a ton


Anyone appearing Vijaya Bank Clerk interview, please inform me when will result declare, r they waiting for SBI Clerk result,it is too lazy to announce 500 clerk result,they have no other recruitment also, it is now 45 days of interview.9854932513


please help me if any body face interview today?i have no idea what to do..............please