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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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hi frnds can any body tell me from when onwards thw interview for sbi clerks in associate banks is going to start and when it is going to end up.

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who is a gazetted officer? where can i obtain character certificate from?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Hi is their any one who has been called for an SBI associate banks interview on 26th-may 2009 at Bangalore.(From karnataka)...if so then please mail me

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Hi friends, i m from Mumbai and i got my interview for SBI associate.I am Hearing Impaired and i got no idea how they'll interview me since i cant hear and what questions they'll ask me. anybody got any idea? Also what r chances of geting selected in PH category?

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what are the clerical duties


Sir i have cleared the SBI entrance test held on 1-03- 2009.May i know the interview process and the ratio of candidates .I am from Andhra Pradesh and did Btech.Will they ask any questions from my Btech subjects.Is there any effect of my betch degree?

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doubt about character certificate..does the gazetted officer hav this cetificate (form) with that he can fill in with our name n sign on it??? or shud we get it typed or wat??

Canara Bank, Competitive Exams, Focus, Karnataka Bank,

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Hi all, this is sunil sharma. I have cleared written test of dena bank and preparing for Interview. I need help for preparation becoz I don't have any idea that what type of questions are asked in banking clerical exams. If any one have some idea about it plzzz help. If there are any sample questions for Interview of bank clerk please send. I will be grateful to you. My email id is any thing if you want to share about interview of bank clerk is welcome which can help me in preparation. Thanks and regards Sunil Sharma

Dena Bank,


hai friends, this is deepthi. i cleared bank of baroda clerical exam. i have personal interview on 22-5-2009. this is my first interview. I don't have any idea about it. will you please give a brief idea about the interview? please i have very less time plese help me. please send your valuable suggestions to this mail id . my qualification is btech. please friends.....

Bank of Baroda,

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I have a interview for the clerical post in Dena Bank.Plz send me some tips regaurding what to prepare,possible questions and answers,and how to go about the interview at respond immedately

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Hi...I've my interview in Dena Bank on 20th...I mean tomorrow...I've just came to know that it carries 100 marks!!!That's a bit surprising...isn't it?So the interview will last for 30 mins. or more than that?? I'm not habituated with speaking in what about that?I haven't received any call-letter & they issued duplicate one...They just mailed me on 13th... Will the interview will be in full English?I have read about the bank-history and some questions lyk repo-rate, crr etc. This is my 1st I'm a bit nervous...& I'm also a bit shy in plz suggest something...If anyone have given Dena Bank interview plz tell how was it, what they asked etc. By the way, I also cleared BOB & its interview is on 22nd of this month... PS: my interview is on 8:00 AM tomorrow in Kolkata thanx in advance :)

Dena Bank,


Hello friends, I am having my SBI interview on 26 May. I have some questions regarding certificates and attestation - As of my understanding they want original 10th, 12th and graduation degree/marksheet and only one attested copy of these documents. Is character certificate mandatory? Can these copies be self attested? Or only by….. I only have my academic documents with me. Will it be sufficient to attend the interview? Please let me know if I am leaving anything. Thanks Disha

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Did any one attend the SBI Clerical interview. I need some info about it. pls My email id

State Bank Of India SBI,

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I need to know whether the Bio Data cum attesation form has to be attested by a well known personality. I know noboday who is a gusetted officer. I need to get it signed by a Headmaster of a Govt School who is unknown to me as I m not in my native. Pls help

State Bank Of India SBI,

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I got a call for interview on 28 may so i dont know how to prepare so pls give some suggestion that are useful to get the selection.


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hello, i m in IOB as clerk (joined 23 nov 2009) and i have passed sbi written test of clerical, i m confused whether to show i m in IOB or not in interview, if yes then i have to give NO OBJECTION CERT. pls guide me......


hi, my hobbies are calligraphy and danceing which type of question can be asked frm my hobbies .....plz reply fast bcoz my interview is on 6th may...


interview question about bank.


what is the credit policy or RBI?


what are the risks of unsafe sex


4 months gone sbi not declaring the results even though they gonna increase the vacancies still some information regarding results should be posted on their site what the hell is this largest public sector bank doing????????


Sharing interview question held on 30th April. 1. They saw my hobbies column and asked regarding hobbies question i.e. Chess. The question was Which is the current ongoing championship who vs who. Who is the leading player and by how many points? 2. Family Background. 3. Which services banks offer? 4. And most important question is when pensioner came to bank and asked about printing information of pension sheet. Condition is all printer is out of service. 5. Hobbies i.e. Elocution.


Hi friends, I m Esha Tongya and i hav been shortlisted for SBI Clerical exam. I am a bio postgraduate and would this make a difference in my interview? what can be the interview questions for me and how can i best answer them? pls revert me back with the best reply possible on my mail id Pls hurry....


when will be sbi assoicate banks clerks recrutiment2011 result released?


does any body hav an idea about the actual date when the sbi will finally declare the result for clerical cadre??????????


hello frnds i m ravi in sbi interview @ nagpur 7th may there r 3 members in a pannel question like 1.u r belongs to technical background then why banking sector?? 2.if market will open then u left the bank ?? 3.what is Electronics 4.what is mean by instrumentation u read newspaper,?which ? is publish from how many cities of maharstra 7.u r from mp then why u choose maharastra? 8.hobbies(listening radio) 9.which is ur channel.?its frequency frequency range(because of electronics background) 11.marathi ,read write speak etc its little bit easy be prepared well all the best


aLL SBI Aspirants from UTTARAKHAND share your views to help each other here.


Hi friends,My SBI clerical interview is on 6th May.So please whoever attended the interview,kindly share the experience.It would be grateful.Waiting for a positive response.Thank u.My mail id is


does any bodyyyy know the actual date ,,when the sbi clerical result will be declared???????/


How many marks in SBI clerical written test will make our job hopes fine....Plz anyone ans to this.....will they consider interview marks also?