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General Science Interview Questions
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Soda-acid fire extinguisher involves the reaction between 1 Sodium hydroxide and nitric acid 2 Sodium bi carbonate and sulphuric acid 3 Sodium sulphate and carbonic acid 4 Sodium carbonate and hydrochloric acid

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The pink color of Bayer’s reagent is discharged when acetylene is passed through it. This is due to the formation of 1 Acetic acid 2 Ethylene 3 Water 4 Oxalic acid

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A mixture of salt and sand can be separated by 1 Sublimation 2 Dissolving in water 3 Gravity separation 4 Dry distillation


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The process by which an organic compound breaks down into simpler compounds on heating to high temperature is known as 1 Armatisation 2 Polymerization 3 Pyrolysis 4 Reduction

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Which of the following metals react with nitrogen at room temperature to form nitride? 1 Sodium 2 Potassium 3 Magnesium 4 None of these

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The ore of which of the following metals can be concentrated by hydraulic washing? 1 Tin 2 Sodium 3 Iron 4 Manganese

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Which of the following re synthetic rubbers? 1.Thiokol 2.Isoprene 3.Neoprene 1 1 and 2 2 2 and 3 3 1 and 3 4 1,2 and 3

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How does common salt help in separating soap from the solution after saponification ? 1 By decreasing solubility of soap 2 By increasing solubility of soap 3 By decreasing density of soap 4 By increasing density of soap

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Which unit is used to measure sound frequency?

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'which country has 6 months night and 6 months day'

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What are different constituents of food? Explain

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what are the sociological theories apply in pakistani society?

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can any body tell diffirence between validation and qualification

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wheather lightning will attack a aeroplane during flying if not why


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Un-Answered Questions { General Science }

Which of the following metals is a better conductor of electricity? A. Silver B. Copper


What is practical frequency. ? How create a frequency band?


Which are the wings of sri harikotah range ( shar )?


hai i am koti reddy panta.studying 3rd mca.i failed in my degree. shell i consider those subjects as backlogs


hai am ashok am studying degree 1st year.i want to write group 1 exams how i am started my preparation.which meterial is best for exam.what are the subjects have much time can i spend to study dialy to get it in first much money we need.for this exam degree qualification must to need .NCC c-certificate how use for this exam. what is the best coaching centre in hyd near to khairathabad.plz tell me


When was the first rocket launched from thumba?


Who commanded the challenger’s first flight?


Name the scientist who has been invited by the Srilankan Governement to have a Study on Employment development?


Explain the Aesthetic and Moral values of Science


what would be the fate of life on earth 10 yrs down the lane.


exactly how does an RTD 3 wire or 4 wire device cancel out the resistance of the wires , opposed to a 2 wire RTD? Is it because you have resistors in parallel , or because something to do with the electronic circuit the RTD is connected to ?


When a person sends a message to someone with the Internet, there are steps that happen to the recipient to receive the message. How does the recipient know that the message was not edited by someone else?


Dear Sir I have got through cable size calculation 10 sq mm cable size of one panel, how i be sure that used cable is 10sqmm. a) By measuring each strand of cpper & multilpy by pye and so on...... or By measuring any one cable core with insulation only.


What is the work of a patent engineer? Does the experience in working as patent engineer helps in finding a job in a refinery?


hai sir pls send me Appsc Assistant Statistical Officer(ASO) previous papers. And Apsrtc MST previous papers. Thanks you sir.