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General Chemistry Interview Questions
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Why is radiator used in a motor-ear ?

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Why has the continuous supply of heat no effect on the rise of temperature after boiling point

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Why ate shadows longer at the end of the day ?

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Why does the electric fan cool more efficiently in May than it cools in September?

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Why ate the electric fuses used in an electric current ?

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Why is Davy Lamp called a Safety Lamp ?

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Why does a match-stick burn, when struck against the match-box surface

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Why are silver tea pots made with the handles of ebony ?

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Why does a pond of clear water appear less deep than it really is?

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Why are the bright circles of light seem under the trees, when the sun shines?

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Why is the total eclipse of the earth a rare phenomenon ?

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Why are leaves of trees green ?

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Why does a rose appear black when the light of any other colour except red is made to fall on it ?

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Why does a white paper appear white, when light is not to fall on it ?

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Why is alum added to purify water ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Chemistry }

What is a cell?


Mention the different types of conductivities.


What is meant by ph of a solution?


What is the reaction that occurs during the titration?


Give the others form of iron ore.


why is their exotherm while addition of reducing agents in reduction reaction?


What is protein - according to chemistry?


What is weak acid?


What happens when the excess of stannous chloride is not removed


What is mole?


How is brass solution prepared?


Why is the indicator eriochrome black(ebt) shows wine red color at the beginning and blue color at the end?


What is the reaction that occurring between fas and potassium dichromate?


Fresh form of water is obtained from?


Explain the process of spontaneous combustion?