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General Chemistry Interview Questions
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What are the advantages of soapy detergents over soapless

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hi i got i 20 from sacred heart university u.s.a.i got good tofel score and my gre is score is very university requirement is only tofel.i completed my in 2009 so i got 1 year gap is their chances to reject visa?what i have to do i was very to sought out my problem

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What is kentchin? Is it real? As much info on it as possible.

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Acid value defination is numbber milligrams of KOH required to nuetralise the acid present in one gram oil & fats but why not use NaOH for nuetralisation?

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what are the role of chemistry education in sustainable development


which gas is used in preaparation of bit salt


When a glass rod is heated gradually and suddenly dipped in cold water, it cracks. What is the reason????????? When a cool glass rod is suudenly heatd, it cracks. Why?????????

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What is the molarity of a NaOH solution if 32.47ml. isrequired to titrate 0.6013g of potassium hydrogen phthalate?

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how much tds is ok for drinking water

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pH is having unit?


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why is their exotherm while addition of reducing agents in reduction reaction?


which metal is found abundantly in the earths crust??

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which of the following is the best conductor of electricity?

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is urea addition affecting the COD (chemical oxygen demand) & BOD (Biological oxygen demand)level? why?

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What is positive testing in relation to chemistry? For example, the sentence reads "Sample solutions are solutions known to contain one of each of the following ions, silver ion, Ag+(aq), barium ion, Ba2+(aq), and iron (III) ion, Fe3+(aq). Testing solutions are the solutions containing a polyatomic ion that can react with one of the metal ions to give a positive test." I am then asked to define what a "positive test" is. I am currently a student who is pretty new to chemistry, please try and make your answer as simply as possible. Thanks for the help.


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What is the role of silver sulphate?


What is the reaction that occurs between iodine and sodium thiosulphate?


How will you calculate how many moles of glucose present in 320 ml of 5.0 m of glucose solution?


What is mole?


What is polar hcl?


Why is sulphuric acid added during the preparation of standard fas solution?


Fresh form of water is obtained from?


What is wave number?


What is molar conductivity?


What is the white precipitate produced at the end of point?


Which is the best conductor of electricity?


What is meant by transmittance?


What are hard waters?


State beer’s law.


what is the relation between Total organic carbon and Chemical Oxygen demand?