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General Chemistry Interview Questions
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What is the safety curtain in cinema or theatre made off ?

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Distinguish between flannel and flannelette ?

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What is chemistry ?

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Explain the Solution ?

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What is Filtration ?

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What is Evaporation ?

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What is Distillation ?

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What is Sublimation ?

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Explain the following ? Matter, Element, Atom, Compound, Molecule, Mixture, Physical change, Chemical change

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Difference between Physical and Chemical change ?

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What is Molecular Formula ?

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What is Valency ?

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What is the Chemical Combination ?

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What is Daltons Atomic Theory ?

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Explain the Modern Atomic Theory ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Chemistry }

How is brass solution prepared?


Explain substituted hydrocarbon?


Why do you require laboratory temperature for viscosity determination?


What happens when the excess of stannous chloride is not removed


Why is the role of glycerol & naoh?


Why is acetic acid added?


What are the advantages of potentiometric titration?


What is mole?


Do all explosions produce carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?


When a glass rod is heated gradually and suddenly dipped in cold water, it cracks. What is the reason?? When a cool glass rod is suddenly heated, it cracks. Why?


How is hardness of water caused?


Cholesterol is a compound suspected of causing hardening of the arteries. The formula of cholesterol is C27H46O. a. A sample of cholesterol is isolated from the arterial lining of a 60-year-old American male. What is the formula of this compound? b. Cholesterol is extracted from a chicken’s egg. What is the formula of this compound?


Differentiate between organic and inorganic chemistry?


What is the function of diethyl amine?


why is their exotherm while addition of reducing agents in reduction reaction?