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General Chemistry Interview Questions
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What is the safety curtain in cinema or theatre made off ?

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Distinguish between flannel and flannelette ?

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What is chemistry ?

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Explain the Solution ?

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What is Filtration ?

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What is Evaporation ?

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What is Distillation ?

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What is Sublimation ?

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Explain the following ? Matter, Element, Atom, Compound, Molecule, Mixture, Physical change, Chemical change

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Difference between Physical and Chemical change ?

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What is Molecular Formula ?

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What is Valency ?

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What is the Chemical Combination ?

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What is Daltons Atomic Theory ?

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Explain the Modern Atomic Theory ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Chemistry }

What is fluidity of a liquid?


Does domestic/household used kerosene oil which is available in blue color (In India) can change its color over the due course of time say 8-10 years if keeping in plastic bottle? If so, in which color it will be turned to change, yellow or transparent or any other color. Please provide me the reply with strong technical approach. Since it has been asked during an interview. Please reply fast. I will be thankful to you if anyone can provide the supporting journals/write-ups/reference to favour of response.


What are the advantages of conductometric titration over visual or potentiometric titration?


How many millilitre is equal to 1 litre and how many microliter is equal to litre?


What is viscosity-coefficient of a liquid?


what is the indicator used?


What is a potentiometer titration?


How is measurement of ph made?


Why graphite rod is used in nuclear reactor?


Explain extraction of ephedrine from a mineral block?


Explain substituted hydrocarbon?


What is the unit of conductance?


Why is acetone used for cleaning viscometer?


How BIS Decedied the LSF value 0.66-1.02 with calculation.


Fresh form of water is obtained from?