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General Chemistry Interview Questions
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How is food preserved ?

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What is given off on burning a candle ?

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What are the names of the three different rays emitted by radioactive substances ?

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What is the effect of the flashes of lightning during a thunderstorm ?

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What is produced, when carbon is burnt ?

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How is petroleum manufactured?


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Which substance has the highest specific heat ?

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Is diamond element ?

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Can a molecule be divided ?

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Which is the hardest substances know ?

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From which substance are the dues manufactured ?

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What will happen when a big piece of quick lime is dropped in water ?

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A dynamite catridge struck in a rock makes the rock burst in being fired. How dies it happen ?

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From what was Uranium isolated ?

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What s the difference between hard and soft coal ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Chemistry }

What is glacial acetic acid?


what is the relation between Total organic carbon and Chemical Oxygen demand?


Why is sulphuric acid added during the preparation of standard fas solution?


What is wave length?


Mention the different types of conductivities.


How is measurement of ph made?


Acid value definition is number milligrams of koh required to nuetralise the acid present in one gram oil & fats but why not use naoh for nuetralisation?


Why is glass electrode called an ion selective electrode?


What is edta?


What is blank solution?


Why is ammonia solution added while preparing edta solution?


What is the reaction that occurs between iodine and sodium thiosulphate?


What is modern definition(iupac) of ph?


Why is acetic acid added?


Why is ammonium hydroxide added to the brass solution?