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Hi, this is venkatesh. Q: I have 10 files in a folder(say D:\). Out of which there are some .txt, .xls, .doc. I want to know how to get the count of each file using qtp? If U have any ans, plz write script for that...


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how to use command prompt using qtp?


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Hi all, can anyone tell me the challenges u faced while using qtp?

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How to Install QTP on Citrix Environment? Possible send me the installation steps.. That would be great help

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can u expect, major bugs in NET BANKING Project? Modules Transaction Module, Customer Relation Module.

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HI. Plz Clarifie my doubt,having 2+yrs experience in Testing , But My accedamics(Xth,INTER) are Less than 60%, But B.Tech 72%. It creats any problem , When i change to any MNC. plz tell me......... lot of friends told it's a problem, Some people says NO problem, What .............

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what is keyword driven testing in qtp?n how is it useful?


need clear explanation of actions and functions in qtp with examples?can anyone suggest me gud site for that other than qtp manual?

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what is debugging testing?

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explain structured testing? plz guys with exp. do answer


how you have used object libraries? plzzzzz do answer

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why you have standardized functions? plzzz guys with real time exp. do answer


how you update scripts in qtp?

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how do u manipulating INI, DLL and / or registry files in support of your test environment? actually what do u mean by INI and DLL or registry files. plzzz its urgent do answer


Can i get a simple example exercise for update run mode for sample flight application......... In qtp when i try to run the test in update mode.. Auotmation> update option is disabled............ Pls let me know ................. Thanks in advance.....

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explain how to write vb script in qtp?when will you write own script?


desribe a situation where u faced a stressful situation and how did u cope with it


Hi Friends, Im planning to do certifcation in mercury Automation Tool QTP.But I Didnt get any clear details regarding course syllabus, fees, where to approach, and which certification would be useful for the experienced testers? can any one send me the details?


how can you do retesting (datadriven test) using notepad amd by using functions NOTE u should not use datatable methods


what is defenetion of kiran can u tell me plz CVS, SVN


How can i use virtual objects? If have i created one new virtual object in a virtual object manager by following instructions.


Hi all can any one give me roles and responsibilities for QTP (not WINRUNNER)


QTP 10.0 is not identifying web objects for IE 8.it is identifying like winObject.I installed HP patch QTPWEB_00037.Still getting issue


can any body clearly explain about keyword driven framework .give me the explanation for files what ever you use in this frame work?


I need Major Help with a Script I recorded in QTP 9.5. I am recording scripts for a Web-based application(s) I have all the URLs for each application in Excel spreadhsheet so that QTP can pull that particular application from the spreadsheet and run it. The problem is QTP isn't recognizing one particular URL so when I hit run in QTP to run this script it opens the internet Explorer but isn't open the URL I have in the Excel spreadsheet. I've retyped the URL and still QTP won't open this Particular one for some reason. The site its self is working fine but for whatever reason QTP won't open it. How do I resolve this? I have a deadline of next Friday the 7th to complete this task so please help me in any way you can. Thanks in advance


How to release all resources file from the QTP?


what is impact analysis on regression testing?


I recorded a Web App with a Oracle backend using QTP 9.5 and for some reason the scripts don't play back> What am I missing at this point. I recorded the same Apps under Sybase and they work great. This is Oracle 10g. Why won't my scripts play back.


Hi, I am using 2 excel sheet.First excel sheet works fine with the script, if it opens the 2nd excel sheet,it works fine,but after finish all the rows it is giving the following error in the following line. InValid Procedure call or argument Line (178): "Browser("name:="&result,"application version:=internet explorer 7").Page ("title:=bgt.*", "index:=0").WebList ("name:=SearchType","html id:=Select1","location:=0").Select SearchType1". I have seen a web article says that,If we use any vbscript friendly name it may gives the above error-Invalid procedure call or argument not sure,Am I using any VBScript frienlyName? in the above line? [but the same line is perfecly working for first Excel ] It is little urgent. Any Help Thanks you


when will you do debug your script? and explain that process?