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Hi, this is venkatesh. Q: I have 10 files in a folder(say D:\). Out of which there are some .txt, .xls, .doc. I want to know how to get the count of each file using qtp? If U have any ans, plz write script for that...


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how to use command prompt using qtp?


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Hi all, can anyone tell me the challenges u faced while using qtp?

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How to Install QTP on Citrix Environment? Possible send me the installation steps.. That would be great help

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can u expect, major bugs in NET BANKING Project? Modules Transaction Module, Customer Relation Module.

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HI. Plz Clarifie my doubt,having 2+yrs experience in Testing , But My accedamics(Xth,INTER) are Less than 60%, But B.Tech 72%. It creats any problem , When i change to any MNC. plz tell me......... lot of friends told it's a problem, Some people says NO problem, What .............

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what is keyword driven testing in qtp?n how is it useful?


need clear explanation of actions and functions in qtp with examples?can anyone suggest me gud site for that other than qtp manual?

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what is debugging testing?

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explain structured testing? plz guys with exp. do answer


how you have used object libraries? plzzzzz do answer

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why you have standardized functions? plzzz guys with real time exp. do answer


how you update scripts in qtp?

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how do u manipulating INI, DLL and / or registry files in support of your test environment? actually what do u mean by INI and DLL or registry files. plzzz its urgent do answer


Can i get a simple example exercise for update run mode for sample flight application......... In qtp when i try to run the test in update mode.. Auotmation> update option is disabled............ Pls let me know ................. Thanks in advance.....

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Could you please any one give code for the following ? Scenario : Suppose a excel file contains 10 records and earch have 5 fields. how can i input this excel file for datadrive wizard ? Please explain


Hi, My name is kishan. I have good Conceptual Knowledge on QTP. In order to Boost up my Confidence Level, I want to do a Project oriented Training only on QTP in Hyderabad. Kindly Let me know which is the Best QTP Project Training Institute in Hyderabad. Thanks in Advance kishan


banking domain description for software tester for interview


can any body plz help by sending the qtp docs and qtp ppt's? this is my mail id:murali.padeti@gmail.com


Why script error occur in between recording in qtp?


How would you directly trigger javascript in a test?


why text area checkpoints cannot used for web applications


What is difference between Recording time object identification and Run time (Execution) time.


Connect to QC using AOM.


I am getting an error "failed to open the XML checkpoint result viewer" in result window,after clicking on "View XML checkpoint results".Someone suggest me settings,if any...


1--How many functions u develop 2--What is an array 3-- where is ur server 4--U involved in unit testing 5--how ur test the background colour using QTP


An object is non standard object, i mapped it to standard object, eventhogh on mapping to standard object i cannot use the methods available on the standard object with the mapped object. How i can use those standard object methods with these mapped object. (((Note : dont tell that we can use virtual object as virtual object is to map nonstandard obj to standard obj)))


What is throw Object?


In Test Directory, What are the contents in test case designing? if you prepare in excel sheet how u use thrw Test Directory?


When Recovery scenario actually starts while testing the application?