QTP Interview Questions
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what is the frame work your using in automation ?

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what is the frame work your using in automation testing

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does the vb script knowledge is mandatery in testing using QTP

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can anybody give me the links for vb script material

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How to face prjoect manager round what type of questions they will Ask ? (Chandana)

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can any body clearly explain about keyword driven framework .give me the explanation for files what ever you use in this frame work?

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can any body clearly explain about hybridframework with the explanation for files what ever we come acros in this frame work?


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what questions i have to pripare for project manager round interview ? plz give Ans.(Chandana)


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I want to do Certification course in QTP. For this I request you to suggest the best Tutorial in PDF format, if possible, kinldy mail PDF file to my mail-ID: ramakrishna908@gmail.com Regards, krishna.


hi is there any chance to change encoding the password

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can any body give the banking domain concepts/links


Are You using any frame work? What is that? Explain about that.


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In what situations QTP will not recognize the Objects?


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How you test the object which is dynamically changes its location?


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Using Object Repository is a advantage or disadvantage?


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write script for bitmap image?


what testplan contents and what test strategy contents,what is the diff b/w them


How will you report the bug and explain the defect tracking sheet you handled?


How to add object to object repository in qtp9.0 Suppose for brower yahoo home page


Dear Friends, I having total 3+year experience in manual testing including automation testing QTP, if i am attending any interview what kind of question will i get? please help me out


I am sathish , i want to test the Application of JIL.org ,Mobile Emulator ,by using QTP10.0. I am trying to do testing on that Application , but Child Objects are not identified by the QTP. Please can any one help me


hi all can anyone explain how to write the code for finding the mandatory columns in table which are having (red*) (red Astrik)


How many lines of code in each script of QTP?


Hi, I am using OutputCheckPoint and I am storing the value in the data table. The stored value for column:bedroom:"Bed:4" The another value for column:bathroom:"Bath:2 Full,1 Partial" I need only the no 4 from the first column. I need only the no 2,1 from the second column. I used split array,but it also show array(0) has the value"bed:4" ..... Even though I highlight only 4,It is seleting the full value "bed 4".How can I get only the nos Thank you Uma


Dis advantages of XML checkpoint ?


diff between qtp versions from 8.5


What is the use of defining a newobject in the object repository "Define New TestOject". How to use this further. If we define new testobject, how can it recognizes the objects properties of any application.


write a script to verify the image path(src property) of the images which are in web pages.


Hi.. I want to do parametrization for selecting perticular flighr say XYZ by using local table: criteria: 1.If flight is available msgbox "Flight is available" and then select flight from flight table and click to ok button after that as enter username and ticket no and then stop 2. otherwise msgbox " Flight is not available" and stop Please help me out ..and let me know your responses on dipak.bachhav@gmail.com Regard, Dipak


What are the Test design techniques you uses in ur project?