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tell me QTP standards ?plz



what is bultin funtaion in QTP &tell me five examples?


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I want to do Certification course in QTP. For this I request you to suggest the best Tutorial in PDF format, as i'm not in a possition to afford any 'Fee' to join in any institutions. Hence, if possible, kinldy mail PDF file to my mail-ID: chakri_avala@yahoo.co.in Regards, Chakradhar Yadav.

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How to import the Test Results in QTP to an Excel sheet


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How to Map network drive in QTP

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What is the Dynamic Scenario in QTP? And also anybody give the example for this?

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How to carry out bit map check points in QTP



I want to know what are QTP functons and what are VB script functions. What is the difference between them.When we have to use these functions.


What are the main features we have to compulsory test by using qtp in an web based application

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In descriptive programming how we know the properties of the objects, if application is not developed and the prototype of the application is also not developed.

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How can we log a defect in Testdirector from Q.T.P ?


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For example one window is there the window contain some of Check boxes but my question is how many check boxes are there particular window? Please solve the problem gi_raju@rediffmail.com ippaliraju@yahoo.co.in

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Hi friend I have query regarding QTP datatable. I want to insert data in datatable during runtime. suppose i wrote datatble.value(1) = "Test data" so when i run the script it says column(1) doesn't exist. Then i write something in column A1 manualy and run the script again. Now it works fine. Pls clarify how i can put value in blank cell of datatable.


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Hi, It is HR question. What are the qualities you like and dislike in your Project Manager?


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Hi Guys, here I am posting one question. Wen u r working with Notepad. If it is not responding in the middle of TEst...what u will do.

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I want to configure the OR and library files to a particular QTP test during run time. Note: OR and Library files are located in Quality Center. Is it possible in QTP? Anybody having code?


What are the automation metrice in your project?


How do you configure QTP AND Test director?


Hi friends did any budy attend accenture system test for qtp? if any budy pls drop questions.not only accenture any other mnc company which you attended system test(QTP)?it may helpful to others also


suppose in the middle of the project QTP will not work properly, then what do u do? and ur team?


can i change the runtime properties of an object ? How can i check if a parameter exists in database ?


Explain about business process component? types and usage?


We stored into the objects OR and then write the scripting


What is throw object?


whenever U using QTP,Test Director, Why we using separate Bug tracking tool?


Please help me by providing the License key for QTP 9.2, at guru_aarya@yahoo.co.in Best Regards Gururaj.B


How the smart identification is used in real time?Please explain with an example


Can any body please tell me the steps of keyword driven framework of QTP.


i have asked earlier only one question how to test web application using QTp plz send me the answer quickly


Hi frens! I am testing VB project with MS Access database. At add button click my record is storing in data table and it is shown in datagrid. So at Delete button click i want to check datagrid rows 9before and after delete). so how can i do it using descriptive programming?