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HI. AnyBody can explain Automation Testing Framework...Generally wht do we Intiate before going to start Automation testing process... Anybody can explain.......Thanks in advacne...


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By using QTP, How do you test a frame in a web page?


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wt is memory leakage?


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how can we group that these test cases only should be automated and in which order you execute that test cases?


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Hi we are using QTP9.0 for Seibel Application and this seibel application will give you a popup messagebox which is of web , so qtp takes 3 mins to recognize the messagebox and to click on it , we have more number of messageboxes like this . please suggest me some solution



please write a script to find the text in a application. Note: i dont know the location of that text where it is located. just like negative testing.


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can any one tell me what is process metrics and what is product metrics if possible give me example. Thank You

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Do you have any knowledge about Business Processing Testing in QTP


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hi nani my doubt is how does qtp process metrix related to software process.


Anybody plz give, How do you test aframe in a web page? If page cotain text message or Images, tables?


Hi, how can we retrieve a specific value from Excel Sheet (Not datatable. for externel file).i mean to say from .xls file. and also tell me from xml file and .doc file. and how can u parameterize ur script from .xls file.(Not data table).

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can u write one user defined function for webedit class.

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I am a newbie to QTP / Automation testing. I want to develop a script that creates a data file automatically with proper headings using VBScript in QTP.

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What is Reusable component is QTP...Anybody can answer it..Thanks in advance...


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What is the diff between doing parametarisation using Data Driven wizard or manually. when do we go for manual para...and when do we use Data driver wizard..can anybody answer it ..Thanks in advance


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what is the mail use of frame work(with detail). architecture for keyword driven frame work


Hi Friends this is kumar i would like to request to all of you ,please help me to explain real time project with using qtp scripts i know basics of qtp but it won't workout on interviews,pls help awating to reply.


Hoe can we do retesting using functions please give the code for it using login page


how to write the descriptive programming in QTP for remove the object value and substitute, with a variable then call the validation from excel


What is the difference between rational rose and QTP?


can u please explain what is the exact difference between qtp8.2 and 9.0


how interviews will be on QTP?


How do you perform Regreession Testing?


when I was doing the web testing with QTP using with standard checkpoint the Object selection -checkpoint properties dialog box not displaying pages and links hierarchical order. Could you please tell me. thanks


Hi, I am using 2 excel sheet.First excel sheet works fine with the script, if it opens the 2nd excel sheet,it works fine,but after finish all the rows it is giving the following error in the following line. InValid Procedure call or argument Line (178): "Browser("name:="&result,"application version:=internet explorer 7").Page ("title:=bgt.*", "index:=0").WebList ("name:=SearchType","html id:=Select1","location:=0").Select SearchType1". I have seen a web article says that,If we use any vbscript friendly name it may gives the above error-Invalid procedure call or argument not sure,Am I using any VBScript frienlyName? in the above line? [but the same line is perfecly working for first Excel ] It is little urgent. Any Help Thanks you


when a test case is written how u test using qtp


In Remote acess server how u run a test?


unique properties of button,edit box, radio button,check box?


An object is non standard object, i mapped it to standard object, eventhogh on mapping to standard object i cannot use the methods available on the standard object with the mapped object. How i can use those standard object methods with these mapped object. (((Note : dont tell that we can use virtual object as virtual object is to map nonstandard obj to standard obj)))


wht type of User defined functions or Java Releated functions Do we write in VB scripting