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Where virtual objects stores results?

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Can we use same virtual objects in many number of tests?


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Can we create test script with out Step Generator?

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Can we call a parameter from an action to other action?

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Why we have to split actions in a test?

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How many actions we can create with in a test?

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What are the advantages of Automation objects than Test Objects?


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Can we continue functionality testing without framework?

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What is throw object?

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How to test background color and dynamic images during run time can you put the check point for moving objects?


Can we directly automate test script according to requirements?

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Where you can store check point results?

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Does QTP support flat files? If yes what are those?

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What is our exact stage involvement with QTP?

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Why QTP is termed as a Record and Playback tool?

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i have two questions for regular expression :- Q1. I have date pattern eg-29/11/2011 29-11-2011 29.11.2011 Que- if any separator is there between date,month and year pattern should match else it should not match eg- pattern should not match in case of 2911-2011 Q2. let say i have a string and there is a number in between of that string eg.-Amount 30002.234 successfully credited to your account . now i have to match this pattern in such a way that even if decimal is not there pattern should match ,how i will do this using regular expression


Hi, I have 2 dropdown listboxes called region and city/area. It needs to select one region(Santa Clara) and one city/Area (Sunnyvale).So I put this in the for loop and I am storing the Items in the variable called itemname. The regions value will get changed,so I used reg expression for this regions. This is my code Browser("MLSListings.com").Page("MLSListings.com").Link("ยป County/Area").Click Browser("MLSListings.com").Page("MLSListings.com").WebList ("regions").Check CheckPoint("regions") ListSize=Browser("MLSListings.com").Page ("MLSListings.com").WebList("regions").GetTOProperty("items count") For i = 1 To ListSize-1 Itemname =Browser("MLSListings.com").Page ("MLSListings.com").WebList("regions").GetItem(i+1) Browser("MLSListings.com").Page("MLSListings.com").WebList ("regions").Select Itemname ................. If I run the script,I am getting the following error, Cannot identify the specified item of the regions object. Confirm that the specified item is included in the object's item collection. Any Help? Thank you, Uma


I have many listboxes in my application. I have to check whether the contents inside the listboxes are in sorted order or not..can anyone please send the code as early as possible


How can I find out the cursor position through QTP suppose I am keep tabbing(Pressing the tab key continuously) and stoped at a position Now I want to find out where the cursor position is


Hi all, I am using windows vista, I am in the process of learning QTP. When ever I try to work with insert mode in flight application , i am getting the error of 'Operation must use an update table query, fractional truncation(null) error. Can anyone help me regarding this?


Hello, Is there any way to send the test results in html format (or any other) by email using outlook after the test run ends? thank you in advance


How did you resolve conflicts present in Object Repository?


what type of framework u r using in ur organization


i have an external excel datasheet where it only contains 3 rows. after qtp executed the code to import the datasheet, the datatable getrowcount method now gives me a different value, lets say 60,000+ instead of only 3. i did not have any values starting from row 4 of my excel file. why is this happening? this also results to the qtp report to load for a very long time.


What is the limitation to XML Checkpoints?


what r the main attributes of test automation?


is it possible to add sheets to excel at runtime


How to integrate the qualitycenter with qtp


give me an example where u used good judgement and logic in solving a problem


How to interact tool & application build in QTP?