QTP Interview Questions
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Where virtual objects stores results?

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Can we use same virtual objects in many number of tests?


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Can we create test script with out Step Generator?

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Can we call a parameter from an action to other action?

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Why we have to split actions in a test?

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How many actions we can create with in a test?

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What are the advantages of Automation objects than Test Objects?


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Can we continue functionality testing without framework?

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What is throw object?

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How to test background color and dynamic images during run time can you put the check point for moving objects?


Can we directly automate test script according to requirements?

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Where you can store check point results?

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Does QTP support flat files? If yes what are those?

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What is our exact stage involvement with QTP?

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Why QTP is termed as a Record and Playback tool?

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How to test the login page in different ways in automation testing and i need code?


what is the difference between rational rose and QTP? WHICH TOOL IS BETTER TO LEARN? PLEASE SEND ME AT sana_50218@yahoo.com sandeep@epuratech.com


in my application,validation message has in japanise language.how to validate this message is appears properly or not


Hello, Is there any way to send the test results in html format (or any other) by email using outlook after the test run ends? thank you in advance


what is vmodel?advantages and disadvantages of vmodel?


what is the structure for the data driven framework


How software tester can use constants and variables in scripts?


when I was doing the web testing with QTP using with standard checkpoint the Object selection -checkpoint properties dialog box not displaying pages and links hierarchical order. Could you please tell me. thanks


Can any one tell me.......How the test engg's start testing in the compy environment.....real time tester PLSSSS help me i need in depth information regarding this...


how to do the batch testing in test director using manual testing procedure?


www.icici.com ,after this.. home page wll came, in this page what r the items we r going to test for manual and what are items we r going to test for QTP... explian clearly with example


Which advantages helping QTP to hold the position of "Market Leader" for such a long period?


Connect to QC using AOM.


HOw to add the recovery file at runtime to the test file .


Hi Guys, I want to place all of my values which i am getting it from a loop in to a global shee. For that i had written the script like this For i = 1 to ECOs-1 ECO = List(i).GetROProperty("innertext") DataTable.AddSheet("ECOList") DataTable.GetSheet("ECOList").AddParameter "ECOList",ECO AbortECO = DataTable.GetSheet("ECOList").GetParameter ("ECOList").Value msgbox AbortECO DataTable.GetSheet("ECOList").SetNextRow Using the above script, whenever the loop iterates it is creating new column "ECOLIST" in the sheet called "ECOLIST". It means, the values are displaying in the column wise even though i added the script " DataTable.GetSheet("ECOList").SetNextRow" . The cursor is not moving to the next line. Anybody help me out how to pass the values from script to the excel(Global/Local) sheet. Pls let me know @ nbabu11@gmail.com if you are not clear about the question.