QTP Interview Questions
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Where virtual objects stores results?

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Can we use same virtual objects in many number of tests?


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Can we create test script with out Step Generator?

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Can we call a parameter from an action to other action?

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Why we have to split actions in a test?

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How many actions we can create with in a test?

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What are the advantages of Automation objects than Test Objects?


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Can we continue functionality testing without framework?

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What is throw object?

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How to test background color and dynamic images during run time can you put the check point for moving objects?


Can we directly automate test script according to requirements?

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Where you can store check point results?

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Does QTP support flat files? If yes what are those?

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What is our exact stage involvement with QTP?

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Why QTP is termed as a Record and Playback tool?

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suppose i login into gmail page after that i read all the messages (say 10 messages) i have to send (SAVE) the messages in Html,notepad and i have to replay(Compose) send the messages please give me the code and give mail id so that i can clear my question


I want to configure the OR and library files to a particular QTP test during run time. Note: OR and Library files are located in Quality Center. Is it possible in QTP? Anybody having code?


Whats the realtime QTP testing process


can any body clearly explain about keyword driven framework .give me the explanation for files what ever you use in this frame work?


Hi, I am supposed to automate mainframe application through qtp. I do not know how to start abt it. Can you plz help me in first initializing the process or do you anybody have a guide book or a link which guides me through the process of automating the mainframe applications and things involved in it.


What is QTP scenario.


hi guys we r working in office...we write some scripts..suddenly we have a work(5min only) in out side..what will do now,,,used to system shut down or log off or lock or sleep mode,switch use or hibernate?


Hi , I am facing issue QTP 10.0 with oracle ERP 11i .When QTP opens,click sub links on ERP ,FORM is not opening getting unexpected Internet explorer error message with send or don't send report.So unable to work with forms using QTP.


which type of testing process are you following in ur company? how to recognize a qtp page?


Hi this is chandra if any one have Navigation of LAB QTP, I want Navigation of those tools, if any one have the and know the Navigation each and every part of the QTP, plz send me my mail naruboinac@yahoo. com,naruboinas@ gmail.com


can any body plz help by sending the qtp docs and qtp ppt's? this is my mail id:murali.padeti@gmail.com


I used child objects to get the no of weblist present in the weblist.now i need to select the items present in each weblist ?How to do so


Hai anyone please "Explain about Framework in QTP?"


wt is the use of multiple questions in QTP


i have doubt suppose iam purly working in manual, when i will get work to do on sql and performence testing? pls any one clarify doubt?