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How can we parameterize our test, values in flat file. Ex:- Values in notepad, with that values i want to parameterize the test.

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Hi all can any one give me roles and responsibilities for QTP (not WINRUNNER)

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How many types of OBJECTS are there in QTP?

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Hi this is chandra if any one have Navigation of LAB QTP, I want Navigation of those tools, if any one have the and know the Navigation each and every part of the QTP, plz send me my mail naruboinac@yahoo. com,naruboinas@ gmail.com

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Consider a scenario where there are two action sheets say action 1 and action 2. Can Action 1 take values from action 2 data sheet or vice versa. If so, how?

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Could you please explain me about QTP framework.


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with out object repository i need to launch IE and then navigate to a login page and then operate the objects within the page. How will be the script?

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how can i add an action(external action) programmatically?

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how can i call an external action,which is not added external action of an action?

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what is meant by source control?

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how and what kind of vb functions do us ein QTP?

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how can you describe the basic flow of automation with conditional and programmatic logic?

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how can i impliment error handling in QTP?

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how to recall a function in QTP?

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give one example where you have used regular expression?

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unique properties of button,edit box, radio button,check box?


what difference between runtime object and text object and what property they have. whether they have same properties or different properties.


how to evalute defects in QTP script?


How to indentify MS-Word objects like Menubar, Toolbar, table/columns/rows/cells etc within Word document, using QTP?


what is ODC and GDC?


what is defenetion of kiran can u tell me plz CVS, SVN


• What type of testing questions will be asked for 2+ yrs exp people in interview?


what is the frame work in J-meter?


if our qtp vb Script may be Currepted then What we want do?


what type of values given to objects. EX::Set oBrowser=Description.Create oBrowser(“micclass”).Value=”Browser”


www.icici.com ,after this.. home page wll came, in this page what r the items we r going to test for manual and what are items we r going to test for QTP... explian clearly with example


Hi,All How to create a link in excel sheet using qtp


Should have experience in framework means?


HI Everybody, I am using QTP 9.2, I have a problem and hope everybody help me solve it. Now I need to use mouse wheel event to zoom in or zoom out in web client, but QTP can't catch this event. I look forward helping of everybody. Thank you very much.


what is meant by function library?Public and private functions in function library? if private functions are applicable for only for the particular test means then y we have to add those to function library?