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how to connect qtp to sqlserver?(if any body know about this please send mail to me:sheik_feroz5@yahoo.com)thank u


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QTP in mumbai


how to know no.of mails in our g mail by using vb-script

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how to get no.of non empty rows in a excel sheet through vb-script


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what is output parameters in qtp?explain? 2)

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Shall we add Local Repository to shared object repository,if yes,how we add

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VB - Script Training in MUMBAI.

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what is the difference between built-i function and In-built function?


Give one example of Standard checkpoint in qtp 10?

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How to integrate the qualitycenter with qtp



1.How to find in which row or column,string "Hyderabad" exist in excel sheet? 2.How to find how many times character "a" repeated in a given string "Koteswararao"

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Plz write the code, function will take the parameter as month number, i.e., numerical value, but it returns the last day of the month in string (weekday). example: input: function parameter: 3(march) output: thursday

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Hi, i have a string like "INDIA". I need to display this string vertically in Msgbox?

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I have a login page like username, password and login. I have to pass the 50 user names and 50 passwords but how can i test this page with out using parameters?

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Hi, i have a string like "INDIA". I need to display this string vertically in Msgbox?

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Can U Explain about QTP tool from older version to latest version also its differences?


By using QTP can we record any log files written by the application which is in execution?


Diff b/w test scenario's and test Procedures?


If the weblist is identified as webelement,and by clicking on webelement if the values are displayed,and if the values the values also identified as webelement.then how to fetch the values through script?


Hi, my requirement is to make a query in SQL using QTP. And i have to get the results of that query and i have to use those results for future testing. I created a driver but i dont know the code for using this Driver. please help me by providing the solution for y requorement


How to capture dynamic values in load runner and how Each of the captured values are to be written to a text file (c:\temp\LoadRunner1.txt)


Explain the N-tire structure(process) for Funds Transfer ( means give N ways to funds Transfer in an Application)


How QTP support all types of applications (platforms)?


how could i download qtp in which i get add-in support for 'oracle' is there any way to get it? i finding but not getting pls help me out :)


What we are looking for is to load properties of object dynamically as for our application the global repository will pretty huge. It will be really helpful to us if something similar to following functions of Winrunner is available in QTP. #Define descriptor auto strDesc; #set property in the descriptor Gui_desc_set_attr(strDesc,?Class?,?Edit?); --- put other properties #Add Edit box to GUI Map Gui_add(? ?,strWindowName,strEditboxName,strDesc);


How to release all resources file from the QTP?


How can you write the scripts that operate on different objects depending on run-time information?


Client is able to provide budget..he want you to choose the automation tool for the web application? which one you will select ? QTP or Selenium ? what are the reasons?


X flies from Hyd to bangalore using different methods of transportation. write the test scenarios and test cases for this?


I want to grow as a Automation Engineer,Kindly help me in clearing my interview that what interviewer looks for as a Automation Engineer. I am having three years of experience in testing.