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how to connect qtp to sqlserver?(if any body know about this please send mail to me:sheik_feroz5@yahoo.com)thank u


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QTP in mumbai


how to know no.of mails in our g mail by using vb-script

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how to get no.of non empty rows in a excel sheet through vb-script


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what is output parameters in qtp?explain? 2)

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Shall we add Local Repository to shared object repository,if yes,how we add

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VB - Script Training in MUMBAI.

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what is the difference between built-i function and In-built function?


Give one example of Standard checkpoint in qtp 10?

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How to integrate the qualitycenter with qtp



1.How to find in which row or column,string "Hyderabad" exist in excel sheet? 2.How to find how many times character "a" repeated in a given string "Koteswararao"

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Plz write the code, function will take the parameter as month number, i.e., numerical value, but it returns the last day of the month in string (weekday). example: input: function parameter: 3(march) output: thursday

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Hi, i have a string like "INDIA". I need to display this string vertically in Msgbox?

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I have a login page like username, password and login. I have to pass the 50 user names and 50 passwords but how can i test this page with out using parameters?

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Hi, i have a string like "INDIA". I need to display this string vertically in Msgbox?

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What are the Application Functions available in QTP?


Hi, my requirement is to make a query in SQL using QTP. And i have to get the results of that query and i have to use those results for future testing. I created a driver but i dont know the code for using this Driver. please help me by providing the solution for y requorement


Can any one tell me.......How the test engg's start testing in the compy environment.....real time tester PLSSSS help me i need in depth information regarding this...


what is the hierarchy to use properties in descriptive programming


what is run action?


Does QTP10 supports Windows 7OS +IE 9 combination? Which is the preffered combination ,Plz let me know?


What is the pros and cons between QTP and Rational Robot


Can we use index on view?


How u will do versioning in QTP?


Hi Friends, Im planning to do certifcation in mercury Automation Tool QTP.But I Didnt get any clear details regarding course syllabus, fees, where to approach, and which certification would be useful for the experienced testers? can any one send me the details?


In keyward driven framework what will be the step for yahoo login page ,inbox logout,plz explain in detail


when a test case is written how u test using qtp


Thanks....But can u tell me how i use the QTP for GIS with one Example...


Hi All, How to get repeated word in string . Thanks Balaji


How do I generate Test Results window using descriptive method ( run time ) after my test execution process? Please have a look of my below code. ========================================================= Dim qtApp Dim qtTest Dim qtResultsOpt Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") qtApp.Launch qtApp.Visible = True qtApp.Options.Run.CaptureForTestResults = "Always" qtApp.Options.Run.RunMode = "Fast" qtApp.Options.Run.ViewResults = True qtApp.Open "C:\Automation\Example", True Set qtTest = qtApp.Test qtTest.Settings.Run.OnError = "NextStep" Set qtResultsOpt = CreateObject ("QuickTest.RunResultsOptions") qtResultsOpt.ResultsLocation = "C:\Automation\Example\Res1" qtTest.Run qtResultsOpt MsgBox qtTest.LastRunResults.Status qtTest.Close Set qtResultsOpt = Nothing Set qtTest = Nothing Set qtApp = Nothing ========================================================== This code is working fine, but Test Result window is not displaying after execution. Anybody can please help me regading the same. Thanks Akshaya Madali Capgemini India Pvt Ltd 9823213538