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how to retrive that the number of spaces are in a string ????

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Which statement will use for close an action in QTP?


Write the vb script for the lowest and highest values of an array?


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How to findout the number of spaces with in STRING For Ex : STRING is " RAJ IS A SOFTWARE ENGINEER " Please send me the answer

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Hi im new in Testing..can any one plz re-write this code SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe","","C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox","open" ----using for loop(for i=0;i<=10;i++ )

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Hi, I am trying to automate the web application for generating Reports.I am facing issue with IE while running the script. After 4 report IE crashes.I am using QTP 9.5 with IE version 7. Can anubody give me solution for this issue. Thanks in advance-Jyotsna


Hi, I am learning QTP. can someone please tell me a site from where i can learn QTP scripting Thanks in advance


7. Given scenario is like this: One Web table is there and you have to search and retrieve a cell data which is equal to the given number say:123. Assume you have given with the column name/id of the table where the number may exist. So now you have to go to the given column and search for the number 123 and retrieve it along with the row number of it.

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We have 10 rows of records in data table, but we have to run 4th, 5th and 6th rows only. How can we handle this scenario in QTP?

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What is the architecture of framework


how qtp will recognise if application is run on many browsers

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1.what is test automation life cycle?


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write code to read and write data from file?


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I want to know how to execute the descriptive programming in qtp for the webedit object which does not contain attached text property. but i have checked it with name and html id property. Even though it is not executing. it is giving error in object's physical description.

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How to apporach while starting the automation testing?


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Hi, is it possible for recording shortcut key during record session? The application on which I am working is web based application. This application has several shortcut key associated with menu option. I have succesfully recorded all menu option but unable to record shortcut key.


i have two questions for regular expression :- Q1. I have date pattern eg-29/11/2011 29-11-2011 29.11.2011 Que- if any separator is there between date,month and year pattern should match else it should not match eg- pattern should not match in case of 2911-2011 Q2. let say i have a string and there is a number in between of that string eg.-Amount 30002.234 successfully credited to your account . now i have to match this pattern in such a way that even if decimal is not there pattern should match ,how i will do this using regular expression


i'm using the qtp to test to vb appliction,i wanted to get the new application's title.i didn't want to use the winAPI to get it ,i 'd like to know whether a QTP function can do it. Eg: SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files\.....","","","" 'run an application, and misure the application is activating,then how to get the hwn wihtout using windowns api


What are the different properties of an web object


how to find that tools work well with your existing system?


Your roles and responsibilities and daily tasks? (As automation tester)


Whar are the challenges do we face while testing web based applications using the automation tool QTP or any??


Can we record using all the modes in a single script? Explanation with example is appreciated


Hi All, we are using QTP Automation Scripts to test SAP. I recorded QTP Automation Scripts in English-based SAP GUI. Now we have to test a French-based SAP sytem and use the same scripts. The QTP scripts are failing when executed on the French-based SAP System due to Object Recognition Issues. What can we do? Do I re-record the scripts in the French-based SAP system?


after initiating one project for testing, when exacltly QTP tester role starts?


how can we test the Triggers, Cursors, Indexes while doing Database testing in DTP??


i have to login into gmail loginpage i have to pass testcase into userid and password by using functions. the test case of user id is it should take only lowerletters alphabetin between 4 to 6 length.it should not take spectial letters.it should not take numbers.testcase for password is it should take numbers and it should not take alphabets note the following things must happen 1 when i give correct password and userid that password and userid should be seen in QTP result and notepad,xl sheet 2 when i gave in valid password the system willgive message please give valid password that particular messaage should be seen in QTP result,norepa and xl sheet


Hi I have exp in manual testing and planning to move in automation testing qtp(9.2).So can help me how to automate customer relationship management tool using qtp and vb script this tool already developed so how can I test it whatever maintaining by development team like documents,various options just give the whole life cycle thanks in advance


can any body tell me how i create a simple script and apply output value on it .pls send me a step by step process


when I was doing the web testing with QTP using with standard checkpoint the Object selection -checkpoint properties dialog box not displaying pages and links hierarchical order. Could you please tell me. thanks