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how to retrive that the number of spaces are in a string ????

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Which statement will use for close an action in QTP?


Write the vb script for the lowest and highest values of an array?


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How to findout the number of spaces with in STRING For Ex : STRING is " RAJ IS A SOFTWARE ENGINEER " Please send me the answer

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Hi im new in Testing..can any one plz re-write this code SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe","","C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox","open" ----using for loop(for i=0;i<=10;i++ )

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Hi, I am trying to automate the web application for generating Reports.I am facing issue with IE while running the script. After 4 report IE crashes.I am using QTP 9.5 with IE version 7. Can anubody give me solution for this issue. Thanks in advance-Jyotsna


Hi, I am learning QTP. can someone please tell me a site from where i can learn QTP scripting Thanks in advance


7. Given scenario is like this: One Web table is there and you have to search and retrieve a cell data which is equal to the given number say:123. Assume you have given with the column name/id of the table where the number may exist. So now you have to go to the given column and search for the number 123 and retrieve it along with the row number of it.

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We have 10 rows of records in data table, but we have to run 4th, 5th and 6th rows only. How can we handle this scenario in QTP?

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What is the architecture of framework


how qtp will recognise if application is run on many browsers

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1.what is test automation life cycle?


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write code to read and write data from file?


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I want to know how to execute the descriptive programming in qtp for the webedit object which does not contain attached text property. but i have checked it with name and html id property. Even though it is not executing. it is giving error in object's physical description.

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How to apporach while starting the automation testing?


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what is object and child object.. explain ..if possible give some example for better understanding ..


Is there anyway to automatically update the Datasource name in Database Checkpoints object when we migrate tests to a new release?


hi i have 4 yrs exp in manual and automation testing using QTP i need sample resumes plz can u send this mail id pbre1980@gmail.com


How do you test the text displayed in the header portion of times of india epaper. Hot news(banner) are scrolling in the top of the page, how do you test using QTP?


How to create scenario selector


I am facing an issue of object identification with the dropdown element of DHTML grid. When I tried to recognize these different dropdown objects, QTP identifies only one object for all the dropdowns. Hence, selection of different data from different dropdowns list is an issue. To overcome this problem, i have used Descriptive Programming technique by creating different object descriptions which have all the other properties same but differ only in one property i.e. ‘X’ location of the element on the screen. Hence, i have created distinct object descriptions that would allow us to select values in different dropdowns. The code is given below. But still I am unable to identify distinct dropdown objects. ‘Object Description for Dropdown Cell Status Set objCellStatus = Description.Create objCellStatus("micclass").value = "WebList" objCellStatus("name").value = "select" objCellStatus("x").value = 219 ------ ‘X’ Axis value for cell status drop down ‘Object Description for Dropdown Sub Segment Set objSubSegment = Description.Create objSubSegment("micclass").value = "WebList" objSubSegment("name").value = "select" objSubSegment("x").value = "319" ------ ‘X’ Axis value for sub segment drop down Please help... This is specific to DTML grid(Drop down object)


Some time when i wanna learn the object i face issue like i am not able learn the object in proper manner... eg:for text bo on web page it should learn as webedit but some times it reads as winobject:internetexpoler-server, because of this i have to uninstall the qtp and re-install it again when i do this it reads the object perfectly.....plz suggest the soln


QTP script is not working on other's machine..


what is run-time data?


1 Folders in VSS 2 In navigation script there are 100 script i want to run first 50 and 37th script also not needed to run how to do this 3 What is navigation script,Driver script, business script what we are loaded in this script 4 use of resource tab 5 Difference between verification and validation give real scenario example 6 file scripting object when to use it 7 what are the problems you are faced while testing web application 8 difference between expert view and keyword view 9 difference between QTP 8.2 and QTP 9.2 navigation frame work please answer these questions from real time working people as early as possible


Why script error occur in between recording in qtp?


what is Property......End Property loop? how to write sript for it in QTP


breef description of batch testing ?


In a flight window we have to enter the name and meal request for every passenger.In that window if we give Total passengers=1 then the Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field will reflects.if we give Total passengers=2 then Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field,Psngr2 name field and psngr2 meal request field will reflects and so on.if total psngrs=100 then will we capture all the fields for the psngrs to Automate the app how we can handle this scenerio thru Descriptive programming?


What is different command used in command Prompt while using QTP?