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Write test cases for copy and past password in password field ?


Can any body help me to write descriptive program to find a cell value (say 2 row, 3rd column) in a datatable which is creating dynamically and statically


What are the disadvantages of Recovery Scenarios in QTP ?

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What is an Custom Object in QTP ?

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How can i open a file in Textpad and replace a string with another using QTP


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How open an excel sheet in QTP(not a run time )?

Tech Mahindra,

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Hi Friends, while playing the recorded test i am getting this error "Cannot identify the object "q" (of class WebEdit). Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application." error is coming in this line of code "Line (2): "Browser("Google").Page("Google").WebEdit("q").Set "airtel broadband"". " .... please tell me how to overcome this problem. need help asap... Thanx in advance

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When I used random numbers(1 to 9) with regular expression and run the test, it runs only 5 iterations with passed result instead of running all 1 to 9. Please tell me what can be the reason


QTP supports both client server and Web applications. Does it support Plug-in?


what is the script to select 2 or more than 2 options from a listbox.


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How to export data in excelsheet to qtp without using datatable.

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In a web page, one web table is present which is dynamic. In that table one of the column has links with the same inner text. write a script so that i need to click the third link.

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hello, i just started searching for a job on QA ,need QTP software full version.plz can any body help me...my email id is padma_ub@yahoo.com.thanks in advance.


Hi..All I have installed QTP 10.0, and need to Automate SAP Application.....so i need to Install SAP Add-ins, anybady has SAP-Addins, Please help me, and thanks in advanced plese send it on my email id: sandipgami84@gmail.com Thanks, Sandip Gami +91-9714177088

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1) What is the diff Between GetRoproprty and Gettoproperty? 2)What is Redim?


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Hi I have exp in manual testing and planning to move in automation testing qtp(9.2).So can help me how to automate customer relationship management tool using qtp and vb script this tool already developed so how can I test it whatever maintaining by development team like documents,various options just give the whole life cycle thanks in advance


By using QTP can we record any log files written by the application which is in execution?


What is the descriptive programming?


if numbers are always changing write a script for that


I hav installed QTP8.2, im working on webapplication, while running the script giving error msg like "QTPro.exe generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will restart the program. An error log is being created". Pls anybody what is the problem, what i have to do for this? Thanks...


How to interact tool & application build in QTP?


Hi all can any one give me roles and responsibilities for QTP (not WINRUNNER)


How can we extract data like "Details","Result","Time" from the 'Run Error' result generated in QTP after run time errors are generated during a run & import the details etc...into excel sheet


what frame work you are following?


Hi. I have completed B.TECH(CS) , But I will go to "SECURITY CONSOLE OPERATING" [C.C CAMERA abservation]. IF interviwer asks " Why you choose this job ?" What we will say? urgent.........................urgent...........


what is actually contain test report? can anybody post the test report


wht type of User defined functions or Java Releated functions Do we write in VB scripting


"What are the common constrains that we need to consider when we prepare testcases for ASP application". Thanks in Advance...


breef description of batch testing ?


We stored into the objects OR and then write the scripting