QTP Interview Questions
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What is the advantage of associating a procedure with a test object?

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How do you create a library file

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Can we do Load Testing with QTP?

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What is API?

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How to make arguments optional in a function?


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What is the use of Debug Viewer?


What is Unicode Compatibility?



What is the descriptive programming?


What is iteration?

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What is the use of virtual objects?

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How to export QTP results to an ".xls" file?

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What is fragmentation and paging?


How do you configure QTP AND Test director?


What is TOM in QTP?


What is clean sweep?


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how we implement share object repository in QTP 9.0 without using quality Centre , Explaine in brief


can u explain relative path architecture framework in qtp?


How to Get the Run-time value of an object under that web app under Test to the local data table sheet of that Action?


Hi Sudhananda, plz send me the QTP framework with any diagram and PPTS . I want to switch to automatio, I done QTP from professional person, but he does not give me his knowledge properly. so pls help me Thaks send me on following address mirajkar.akash@gmail.com


can any body give the banking domain concepts/links


Pls can anyone give me the entire code for the Keyword driven framework with respect to he Flight Reservation Window in detail with explanation. Pls explain in detail stepwise. Thanks a lot. Pls very urgent?.


hi can any body give me a script for creating a modularity or keyword driven framework..i am working as a qtp tester for 2 months but still i am not exposed to framework in my company


Did QTP prove efficient for your project? Yes or No, explain?


What Folder Structure following in Keyword Driven Frame work?


you are recording on "WINDOW 1", say it has a link if you click on that, that leads you to "WINDOW 2". If you do any manipulations on "WINDOW 2" that are automatically updated in to "WINDOW 1". But "WINDOW 1" is currently invisible. But the updations in "WINDOW 1" must also be recorded as a script in QTP. The best Example is if you update your resume in JOB STREET portal it actually happens in other window, but the previous window is automatically updated. Now does QTP help you in this types of situations? Any body can answer this question. please..... Siva


After executing the script in qtp suppose i found some script execute successfully and found some error.So how to report the status for both (i.e pass and fail report)in test director. For "fail" We use "defect tab" in testdirector. But for "pass" how to report it to TL.what is the process plz anybody ans


how can i pass a "cript"as a parameter in to a function


why text area checkpoints cannot used for web applications


Does QTP have any limitations?Can it work with all kinds of programming languages like java,springs,ajax ,hybernet?Also does it work well with windows 7.What are its other limitations


How to release all resources file from the QTP?