QTP Interview Questions
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How to call a function in QTP?

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How to Test the mainframe application?



What is descriptive.create () in QTP?

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What does VBS file contain?

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What is an environment variable?

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How can we disable popup blocker?

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What is standalone database?


How to capture a window in QTP?

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What is the use of environment variables?

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How to connect to data base?

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How to create runtime property for an object?


How we can add actions in the test using QTP?

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Explain synchronization types in QTP

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How to call script1 into script2?

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How to interact tool & application build in QTP?


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Hi,Sudhanandareddy plz forword framework and ppts for QTP to me. This is my mail id: ranjith_99reddy@yahoo.co.in (your contact number also)


Hi any body pls help me for QTP 11.0 software free demo version. i have to practice. Kindly send the link.or where i have to download.


Through array we can execute the testcase how ? give me example


wht type of User defined functions or Java Releated functions do we write in VB scripting


I want to configure the OR and library files to a particular QTP test during run time. Note: OR and Library files are located in Quality Center. Is it possible in QTP? Anybody having code?


How to data driven test for Win objects in QTP ?


If a button named "CLICK" is recorded in low level recording mode , what will be the values stored for "name" property of that button in object repository ?


tell me abt a time when u had to go above &beyind the call of duty to get the job done


I AM TRYING PORT CODE FROM WINRUNNER TO QTP AND DON'T KNOW TO HOW TO CHECK THE ERRORS. IN WINRUNNER FUNCTION RETURNS EIGHER 0 OR -1 AGAINST WHICH RESULT CAN BE MADE PASS OR FAIL BUT IN QTP I DON'T SEE FUNCTIONS RETURNING ANY VALUE. APPRECIATE IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME CONVERTING FOLLWOING WINRUNNER CODE TO QTP. set_window("Customer Service"); rc = web_obj_get_text("Summary","#2","#4",ssn,""," ",1); if (rc != E_OK) { report_msg("[GetSubscriberSummary] Could Not get subscriber SSN; rc = "&rc); myRC = rc; } else { ssn = StripBlank(ssn); if (DEBUG) report_msg ("[GetSubscriberSummary] SSN: "&ssn); }


In the application that I'm testing is having a WYSIWIYG editor.QTP is recording editor's body as web element. I want to add some data to this web Element at run time. The problem is that I cant find a method to add contents to this web Element. Can any one come up with an answer for this. Thankx.


What are the five challenges you faced in QTP?


what is the difference between modular framework & datadriven framework


i have a doubt can anyone tell me where are scripts stored while using QTP.Tell me the exact procedure takes place in real time?like how we call scripts how to proceed after writing scripts?how scripts are executed etc?i heard some use Qc whether others dont use.so tell me whole procedure for both the things it will be a very big help.as i have interview i want to have whole idea on this.its very urgent.


how to test load test and block box testing an a web based application pls give ans briefly


unique properties of button,edit box, radio button,check box?