Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is SoketLevelData? And Its purpose?


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Events are generated, but the script is not generating? Why?


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Can we do Context Parametrization in VUGen script of load Runner. I mean to say like .. i have recorded an set of steps in one environment and i want to run the same script in another environment too. Is it possible to do it in Loadrunner? can we do the url or web service parametrization in LR? Plz help on this..

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which institute is good to learn load runner

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Loadrunner is enough to monitor all the servers while load testing? if yes how can u monitor & which servers u monitor & how can u access those servers through LR explain it??

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how to download pdf file in loadrunner

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Performance testing Training

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How to find response time in loadrunner?


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i have 10 users, 20 itereatios and duration 1 minute how can design this scenario.


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explain about goal-oriented scenario in controller


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how memory will be used in the JVM.With think time .what is necessary of the think time in loadrunner


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if thoughput will be high /low what will be the problem?

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how to handle the dynamic left and right boundaries are numeric


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how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value



How to handle the encrypted values in correlation. please send me example with explanation



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What is the difference between Scalbility Testing and Volumetric Testing. in Performance Testing?


Can anyone please mention what are the common errors that we can see while replaying the Vugen script and also while running the controller scneraio and How to handle them with a few examples. This will be greatly helpful.


How to handle the encrypted values in correlation. please send me example with explanation


Hi all, I am having an interview on LoadRunner (SAP Web Protocol). I am wondering if somebody can help me with some interview questions at a 2 yr Scriptor level. Thanks and all answers are much appreciated.


what are the skip functions in Load Runner?


what is remote performance monitering?


How to record the desktop application in Loadrunner 12.53 version 64 bit window.


when a Load Runner controller fails?


What is Standard deviation? How it will use in Lr?


How to configure yahoo cookies in load runner?


How we tested remote servers if client is installed in another place


Our desired performance test application where could be installed like(web or app or db server)


when i run start senario for different process it always completed at elapsed time 6.32 sec. i don't understand why it happens.. can we set elapsed time ? plz answer.... pratik196@gmail.com


how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value


Suppose ur app server is .net server. In that connection pool is related to memory ?explain how?