WinRunner Interview Questions
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what is the purpose of '*', '&','.' symbols in Regular Expressions (winrunner)?

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what type of licence key r u using for winrunner software in your company?


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how many license keys are there for winrunner in your company?


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what is the gui map & gui map file in winrunner?


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Tell me the usecase format r u using in ur company?


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what is add-in manager in WinRunner?

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what is the use of add-ins in winrunner?


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what is the tsl statement for selecting the position of item in list box in winrunner?


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how u can do parameterization in winrunner? tell me the sample code.

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If the data is stored in Excel sheet(2nd and 3rd), how to access it for Data Driven test; Ex: table = "c:\demo.xls" How to access 2nd or 3rd sheet data id demo.xls flie.


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For What are the browsers that WinRunner can Compatible? (I want Versions Like IE5.0 etc;)

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what is TSL script to connect testdirector through winrunner

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what load_dll in winrunner


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which function you will use to compare the application date with system date?..


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How could we Learn the Application Initially for Testing- Need Realtime Explanation? Who will Record the Application?

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write a compilemodule function for loginscreen.


what are the differences you see in e-commerce and banking domain in testing point of view Thanks in Advance


wat is the d/b windows 95&98&xp?could anybody give reply ?


hi this is uday iam trying for testing job with 3+ yrs of exp if u have qtp faqs materil plz send me thanks in advance


What all are the different databases winrunner can support?


Are there any suitable free tools to conduct performance test on a php web application?Manual or automation which is preferable for such kind of application? please answer ASAP


i this is priya speaking, any 1 tell me project detail for NETBANKING and HELTHCARE pls send to this E-MAIL ADDRESS; ( qik, thank u once agajn.


can i get apex technologies interview questions in testing


What is the XML test cases creation?


i get error "winrruner cannot identify object" and gives details like the physical description of object "windowsFor....378734a_11" has changed descritpion in GUI map new discription Description { { class:object class:object Msw_id:264896 Msw_id:918548 } } Below is a script of functionality where amount is transfered from users account ,first contact summary of user is opened then transfer button is available on which we click .on clicking transfer form opens and various details are entered like amount to be transfer,transfer type .line where i m getting error is obj_mouse_click (" have marked it with red in script .0.378734a", 164, 10, i would be very thankful if anyone can give help related to this problem. *SCRIPT IS BELOW:-* > # Shell_TrayWnd > set_window ("Shell_TrayWnd", 1); > toolbar_button_press ("ToolbarWindow32_1", "Contact summary - > Scheme: > SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - Local - V."); # Button Number > 3; > > # Contact summary - Scheme: SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - Local - > V. > set_window ("Contact summary - Scheme: SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - > Local - V.", 1); > obj_mouse_click ("CommandBar1", 437, 15, LEFT); > > # Transfer (admin - Local - V. > set_window ("Transfer (admin - Local - V.", 1); > obj_mouse_click ("", 164, 10, > LEFT); > > # #32769 > set_window ("#32769", 0); > obj_mouse_click ("", 138, 9, > LEFT); > > # Transfer (admin - Local - V. > set_window ("Transfer (admin - Local - V.", 0); > obj_mouse_click ("", 166, > 13, LEFT); >


The title of the window consists of date and time.What is the regular expression to recognize the window as unique?


What are the platforms that WinRunner can be used?


what is risk?


what is the use of generate script that is avaliable 3 places(file settings, tools, object identification)


How to read the third party controls in the application