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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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In crustaceans (i.e.crabs, shrimps & sea fish etc.) the metallic base of the respiratory pigment is made up of 1 Iron 2 Copper 3 Magnesium 4 Potassium


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Penicillin is produced from 1 Yeast 2 Algae 3 Mould 4 Mushroom


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Which of the following is the correct sequence in which the given animal groups appeared on the earth during the course of evolution? 1 Porifera ? Annelida ? Coelenterata ? Protozoa 2 Protozoa ? Coelenterate ? Porifera ? Annelids 3 Annelida ? Porifera ? Protozoa ? Coelenterata 4 Protozoa ? Porifera ? Coelenterate ? Annelida

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Insects that make a clicking sound are 1 Flies 2 Crickets 3 Beetles 4 Cockroaches

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Which of the following structures are associated with the sense of balance in mammals? 1 Cochlea and tympanum 2 Oval window and ear lobes 3 Ampulla and semicircular canals 4 Eustachian tube and nasal passage

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The functional kidney in adult amphibians is 1 Pronephros 2 Metanephros 3 Mesonephros 4 Opisthonephros

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Bee dance are meant for 1 Communication 2 Recreation 3 Courtship 4 None of these

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Which of the following belongs to the family of fishes? 1 Silverfish 2 Starfish 3 Cuttlefish 4 Shark

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Change of the colour of the skin is observed in 1 Prawn 2 Starfish 3 Chameleon 4 Shark

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Pearls are formed inside 1 Squids 2 Oysters 3 Snails 4 Molluses

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Two punctures will appear on the part bitten by a 1 Bee 2 Wasp 3 Scorpion 4 Poisonous snake

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Camel uses its hump for 1 Storing fat 2 Temperature regulation 3 Storing water 4 Balancing the body during walking in desert sand

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The organism in which RNA is the genetic material is 1 Rabies virus 2 Staphylococcus 3 Plasmodium 4 Tobacco mosaic virus

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Vitamin C deficient diet produces no deficiency symptoms in 1 Monkey 2 Dog 3 Man 4 Guinea pig

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The function of tongue in snakes is to 1 Taste the food 2 Smell the food 3 Catch the food 4 Detect the food

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How many meaningful English words can be made from the letters EOPR, using each letter only once?


List of Finance secretaries of India


what does h20 stand for?


Pls send me general knowledge question for State bank of india Clerks Interview.


What efforts need to be done on the part of the government to make India a developed nation?


Please give institutes or college name, which will convert life experience into a valid diploma in engineering in india


from where was india's first satellite launched?


what is 7pcses inspection as per jc peney?


Dear Sir, We had buyed machine from Delhi we had pad CST but we were not aware to entry tax (2006-200)7 we had issue a notice to pay entry tax with penalty our bill amount is 735649 so please let us now how total amount we have to pay.


Name the star which lies nearest to our solar system?


hi every one i want a job in abroad? what can i do for that and do i register any consultants for the oppertunity


hi frns this is ruchi again this time my qus is what is muslim banking? 2)what is the current value of sbi shares?


Which city is called Manchester of India ?


http in Internet address is ?


Who put forward the idea of motion pictures?