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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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. Who appoints the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir? (a) The Chief Minister of the State (b) The Chief Justice of the High Court of State (c) The President of India (d) The Prime Minister of India

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. The area under irrigation has during the five year plans (a) Increased (b) Decreased (c) Remained Unchanged

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. On which of the following goods emphasis has been laid on our plans? (a) Consumer’s goods (b) Producer’s goods (c) Substitutes for foreign goods

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. In spite of abundant rainfall, India is said to be water thirsty land why? (a) Quick evaporation of rain water (b) Repaid run-off of water (c) Due to the concentration of rainfall over a few months (d) All of the above mentioned

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. Which of the following rivers are navigable rivers in India? (a) Godavari (b) Krishna (c) Sutluj (d) Indus (e) Only (a) and (b)


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. Isobars are the lines drawn on the map through the places having (a) The same atmospheric pressure (b) The same temperature (c) The same altitude (d) None of these

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. What is former name of Iraq? (a) Formosa (b) Siam (c) Mesopotamia (d) None of these

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. Gradual washing away of land by rain, river, wind, etc. is called (a) Erosion (b) Denudation (c) Decidous (d) None of these

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. Who trained Chandragupta Maurya? (a) Buddha (b) Mahavira (c) Kautilya (d) Nanda kind

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. To which place did Harsha Move his capital? (a) Delhi (b) Kanauj (c) Thanesar (d) Lucknow

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. Where were the Palas ruling? (a) Bengal (b) Avadh (c) Northern Deccan (d) Southern Deccan

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. What is Adigranth? (a) A religious book of Sikhs (b) A book which gave the fundamental codes of human conduct (c) A book which guided the king and queens of middle ages (d) None of these

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. What is meant by Sardeshmukhi? (a) An officer (b) A tax (c) A type of organization (d) A type of group

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. What was chouth during Maratha days? (a) A place (b) A political unit (c) A tax (d) A person

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. What was the position of an Indian in the army upto 1856? (a) Indians could get the rank of subedar only (b) They were given officers’ jobs (c) They were not allowed to get leave (d) They were treated as slaves

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Tell something about coal- gate scam?


Do you favor women entrepreneurship? Justify your stand?


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What efforts need to be done on the part of the government to make India a developed nation?


What is the capital of Mozambique?


Which city is called Manchester of India ?


Apollo is the god of which of the following as per Greek Mythology?


how many depots are in a.p


How many districts are in Jharkhand and Bihar?


Who is Hugo Chavez?


ascorbic acid is the chemical name for which vitamin?


Clive Lloyd is related to which sport?


What are your views on Kashmir issues?


why c.v. Raman was awarded a noble prize?