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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which is not a brand from Godrej Group? 1 Ezee 2 Fair Glow 3 Harpic 4 Cinthol

Harpic, Rail GD,

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PC maker company ?Lenovo Group?, presently the 8th largest in the world and which is entering Indian market also, is a company from 1 China 2 Malaysia 3 Japan 4 South Korea

Malaysia Airlines,

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Which company was adjudged as the Best Employer in the year 2004? 1 Bharti Tleventures 2 TCS 3 NTPC 4 Procter & Gamble India

1 1901

The Indo-Russian joint venture supersonic cruise missile Brahmos, which was test-rired for the first time in alnd-to-land role recently, has a range of ??.. km. 1 100 2 200 3 500 4 250

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Third World refers to 1 Developing countries 2 Developed countries 3 Capitalist nations 4 None of these


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Which Americal President was assassinated while still in office? 1 Abraham Lincon 2 James A.Garfield 3 John F.Kennedy 4 All of the above


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The headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) are located in 1 Geneva 2 Rome 3 Montreal 4 Vienna

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National Institute of Nutrition is located in 1 Bhopal 2 Indore 3 Karnal 4 Hyderabad

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Sariska Reserve Forest is located in 1 Uttaranchal 2 Maharashtra 3 Jharkhand 4 None of these


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Who is the first non-European to win the Noble Prize for Literature? 1 Mahatma Gandhi 2 Jawahar Lal Nehru 3 Rabindranath Tagore 4 Sarojini Naidu

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Which city has emerged as the biggest IT job provider? 1 Bangalore 2 Chennai 3 Hyderabad 4 Mumbai

1 1913

?? a book written by Late Dr.Mulkraj Anand, the eminent English author. 1 Coolie 2 The Barbers Trade Union 3 Two Leaves and a Bud 4 All of these

Infosys, NIFT,

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International Women?s Day is observed on 1 28 February 2 3 March 3 5 March 4 8 March

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In the recent past, USA and European Union made moderate progress towards efforts to put a cap on global warming at a UN Conference on Climate Change held in 1 Tokyo 2 Burnos Aires 3 Paris 4 New Delhi

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The ?Neticket? scheme, which allows a passenger to fly without ever visiting a reservation counter has been introduced by 1 Jet Airways 2 Sahara Air 3 Indian Airlines 4 None of these

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In which country , is bull fighting the national sport?


How many local trains run in Mumbai


Name the latest Nobel Prize winners?


i m selected in boi i m from arts with english so that i want guidance about interview


What is the capital of Lithuania, Libya and UAE?


What abt question in indian oil


how many buses are in a.p.


hello sir ow to i prepare my gk my gk is so i m fill up fourm of delhi police SI post. so plz reply


name the father of indian constitution.


which is the capital of nepal?


Who are the Bharat Ratna Awardees in the year 2016?


The Peramble of the Indian Constitution reads ? a) We, the people of India……….adopt, enact and give to India this Constitution b) We, the people of Constituent Assembly……adopt, enact and give to India this constitution c) We, the people of India………… our Constituent Assembly……….adopt, enact and give to ourselves this constitution


Clive Lloyd is related to which sport?


Which countries signed the MoU for co-operation in field of sports in January 2014?


ascorbic acid is the chemical name for which vitamin?