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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Augusto Pinochet Ugarte of Chile was recently in the news as he 1 Is being tried on the charges of crimes against humanity 2 Has again taken over as the President of Chile after an exile for 10 years 3 Would be the new Secretary-General of the UNO 4 Took political asylum in Germany after a military coup in his country

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Recently, a Commission constituted by the Maharashtra Government under the chairmanship of Mr.Justice S.M.Dani, submittd its report. With which of the following was the Commission associated? 1 The death of Gowari tribals in November 1994 at Nagpur 2 The role of Sharad Pawar during the Mumbai riots in 1992 3 The recommendations of the State Government of the creation of a new State 4 None of these

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According to a recent decision by the Government of India, what is the minimum pension that Central Government employees are entitled to after superannuation? 1 Equivalent to the revised basic pay in January 1996 2 Equivalent to the total emoluments on the day of superannuation 3 30% of the total emoluments at the time of superannuation 4 Their pension should not be less than 50% of their revised pay in January 1996

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Indian has recently renewed its defence ties for a period of 20 years with which of the following countries? 1 Canada 2 France 3 Israel 4 None of these

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The Government of India recently decided on the equity ratio of foreign investors in the insurance sector. What percentage of equity have they been allowed? 1 30 2 35 3 45 4 26

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The international Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has recently built a temple with various statues and robots in which of the following cities? 1 New Delhi 2 Vrindavan 3 Calcutta 4 Mumbai

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A term of experts/scientists has invented India?s first cryogenic tunnel. Which of the following is not related with the uses/benefits and nature of this invention? 1 Cryogenics is the study of very low temperatures 2 The invention will help food processing industry in a big way 3 The tunnel consumes less electricity, takes smaller space and is mobile 4 None of these

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Afro Asian Games scheduled to be held in 2001 will be organized in??. 1 Pune 2 New Delhi 3 Bangalore 4 Mumbai

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Who among the following artists has made the painting ?Sychronisation of Nuclear Physics and Indian Mythology?, which was very much in the news recentlyl? 1 Satish Gujaral 2 M.F.Hussain 3 Sanat Kumar Chatterjee 4 B.Prabha

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Why was Mr.G.P.Koirala, recently in the news? 1 He was on an official visit to India in January 1999 2 He was asked to resign as he lost the vote of confidence in Parliament 3 He resigned so that he may head a new coalition government 4 None of these

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Which of the following is not included in the newly set-up National Security Council? 1 Chief Ministers of Gujarat, Delhi and Rajasthan 2 Union Home Minister 3 External Affairs Minister of India 4 Finance Minister

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Which of the following correctly defines what pratichi is , which was very much in news recently? 1 It is the name of the book written by Dr.Amartya Sen 2 It is the name of the award which West Bengal Government conferred upon Dr.Amartya Sen 3 It is the nick name of Dr.Amartya Sen 4 None of these

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How many gold medals India won in the 13th Asian Games recently concluded in Bangkok? 1 2 2 4 3 5 4 7

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Which of the following is the name of the satellite developed recently to scan the oceans around the country? 1 INSAT-1A 2 INSAT-1B 3 INSAT-1C 4 None of these

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Which of the following companies in India has launched a new car named Indica? 1 Honda 2 Maruti 3 Fiat 4 None of these

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