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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has resolved to eradicate polio globally by the year 1 1999 2 2001 3 2002 4 2005

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India won gold medal in Hockey in 13th Asian games by defeating 1 Pakistan 2 South Korea 3 China 4 Thailand

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Who among the following is the recipient of the ?Honest Man of the Year? Award for the 1997, given away recently? 1 Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee 2 Mr.Murali Manohar Joshi 3 Mr.Kalyan Singh 4 Mr. LalKrishna Advani

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Who among the following has been chosen as the ?Businessman of the Year 1998? by Business India? 1 Swaraj paul 2 Parvinder Singh 3 Ratan Tata 4 None of these

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Who among the following has created a museum named as Cinema Ghar, which was inaugurated recently? 1 Rishi Kapoor 2 M.F.Hussain 3 Dilip Kumar 4 None of these

1 1933

Who among the following artists recently celebrated his 80th birthday and was honoured by presenting a portrait of his,titled as Shikhar? 1 Pt.Ravi Shankar 2 Pt.Bhim Sen Joshi 3 Pt.Hari Prasad Chourasia 4 Ustad Alla Rakkha

1 1694

Who among the following has got the Golden Pen of Freedom award recently? 1 Salman Rushdie 2 Saymoor Hersh 3 Raraj Sarkoohi 4 Vidia Naipaul

2 1934

Which of the following is not true about President Bill Clinton, who is very much in news these days? 1 He is second president of USA who has to face an impeachment 2 He was elected as the President in the year 1996 3 Some people feel that his impeachment can be legally questionable 4 None of these

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Which of the following countries won the Bristol Freedom Cup football finals held in December 1998? 1 India 2 Pakistan 3 Sri Lanka 4 Malaysia

2 1898

Project tiger, a project of Wild Life Fund, was very much in news recently as 1 It completed its 25 years in India 2 It helped in protecting tigers and now their population has doubled 3 It is considered the most successful project in the field of wildlife protection of India 4 None of these

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The prices of which of the following commodities in India were reduced by 10% recently? 1 Life Saving Drugs 2 Diesel 3 Petroleum 4 None of these

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The Prime Minister of which of the following countries escaped a bid on his life in January 1999 as a bomb placed on his way, exploded minutes before his arrival to the place? 1 Nepal 2 Sri Lanka 3 United Kingdom 4 Pakistan

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Which of the following States stood first in Onion production during 1997-98? 1 Delhi 2 Tamil nadu 3 Uttar Pradeh 4 Maharastra

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Which of the following represents the budgeted amount of expenditure (approximately in crores of Rs.) of the Union Government for the year ending on March 31,1999? 1 1,05,000 2 82,000 3 79,000 4 2,68,000

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Which of the following countries is seriously considering to take the expertise of Indian in fighting feudalism and implementing land reforms? 1 United Kingdom 2 Russia 3 Germany 4 Nepal

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Pls send me general knowledge question for State bank of india Clerks Interview.


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