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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The foodgrain production in 1998-99 is expected to be over 1 150 million tonnes 2 170 million tones 3 190 million tones 4 200 million tonnes

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A carbon based ring for correcting which of the following deformities has been developed recently by the National Physical Laboratory, Delhi? 1 Arthritis 2 Asthma 3 Polio 4 None of these

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Former world record holder Patrik Sjoberg announced his retirement from athletics recently. He was associated with which of the following? 1 High Jump 2 Race 3 Swimming 4 None of these

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?Chlamydia? bacteria is found to be involved in which of the following diseases? 1 Heart attack 2 Malaria 3 Cancer of liver 4 None of these

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Which of the following film personalities has set up a hotel at Ooty (Udhyogamandalam) in Tamil Nadu 1 Amitabh Bachchan 2 Rishi Kapoor 3 Mithun Chakraborty 4 B.R.Chopra

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Which of the following units of the Department of Atomic Energy takes care of entire requirement of Uranium Oxide Fuels and Zirconium alloy components for the nuclear power reaction in India? 1 Heavy Water Board 2 Nuclear Power Corporation 3 Nuclear Fuel Complex 4 None of these


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Which of the following States will soon acquire the status of 8th sister of north-east states as it is being included in the North-Eastern Council? 1 West Bengal 2 Sikkim 3 Assam 4 None of these

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Which of the following countries has decided to give dual citizenship to those of its foreign nationals who were not born in that country but staying there since long? 1 Canada 2 Germany 3 USA 4 Italy

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The growing plants need which of the following elements in largest quantity? 1 Calcium 2 Nitrogen 3 Ammonia 4 Iron

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Which of the following cities of India is being developed as the First solar City of India through the promotion of non-conventional source of energy? 1 Anandpur Sahib 2 Pune 3 Secunderabad 4 Anand

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Nihal Rodrigo who is the first Asian to be appointed Secretary-General, Commonwealth, belongs to which of the following countries> 1 India 2 Pakistan 3 Myanmar 4 Sri Lanka

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Which of the following statement is not true about Agni-2? 1 It is an intermediate range ballistic missile 2 It is a two-stage solid fuel IRBM 3 The missile can carry a load of 10,000 Kg. warhead 4 None of these

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Which of the following denotes the share of Indian diamonds in total volume of its sale in the world market as recorded recently? 1 15% 2 30% 3 50% 4 65%

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Which of the following combinations is not correct? 1 Arun Shourie-Journalism 2 Yamini Krishnamurthy-Classical Vocal Music 3 Satish Gujral-Painting 4 Amrita Pritam-Writing

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Which of the following is not true regarding production of tea in India? 1 The east and the north-east States account for 82% of the total tea growing area in India 2 India is the largest producer of tea in the world 3 Indian tea is not found suitable for export as the quality is far inferior to Kenyan tea 4 India produces good varieties of CTC tea

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highest depots present in which district


who was the first governor general of bengal?


What is the currency of Italy?


The Peramble of the Indian Constitution reads ? a) We, the people of India……….adopt, enact and give to India this Constitution b) We, the people of Constituent Assembly……adopt, enact and give to India this constitution c) We, the people of India………… our Constituent Assembly……….adopt, enact and give to ourselves this constitution


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Who are the latest Noble Prize Winners, Padma Awards Winners, Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universe etc.?


state the opposite of asperity?


What is the state dance of your native state?


which is the largest planet in the solar system?


yearily turover of apsrtc


name the vitamin found in orange and lime?


Which trophy is given in badminton?


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What will be the max. salary for multitasking staff in pay band 5200-20200 with grade pay 1800.


For unemployed people, which plans are adopted by government?