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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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India carried out underground ?Nuclear Explosion? in Rajasthan at: (a) Jaduguda (b) Jaisalmer (c) Sriganganagar (d) Pokhran

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The Space Commission was set up in: (a) August, 1965 (b) June, 1972 (c) May, 1971 (d) January, 1972

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The Planning commission of India is: (a) an autonomous body (b) a constitutional body (c) statutory body (d) non-statutory body

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Which of the following is not a state tax? (a) Wealth tax (b) Excise duty on liquor (c) Sales tax (d) Profession tax

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The correct sequential order in which one would cross the given rivers while traveling from Bangalore to Delhi is: (a) Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Yamuna, Chambal (b) Kaveri, Chambal, Godavari, Narmada, Yamuna (c) Krishna, Godavari, Narmada, Chambal, Yamuna (d) Narmada, Kaveri, Godavari, Tapti, Yamuna

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Rana Pratap Sagar is associated with: (a) Hydroelectricity (b) Solar energy (c) Irrigation (d) Nuclear power


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Financial allocation to the States is made on the recommendation of: (a) Finance Commission (b) Planning Commission (c) Prime Minister (d) President of India

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Which one of the following dance forms is associated with Samyukta Panigrahi? (a) Kathakali (b) Mohini Attam (c) Kathak (d) Odissi

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Which of the following is not the cause of population explosion in India? (a) High birth rate (b) Declining death rate (c) Migration from Pakistan, Tibet etc. (d) All of these

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Which of the following statements with regard to the population in India is not correct? (a) India?s population is the 2nd largest in the world (b) Every seventh person in the world is an Indian (c) Poverty is the result as well as cause of the increase in population (d) Population growth does not affect economic growth

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When was the First Five Year Plan launched? (a) April 1, 1951 (b) March 7, 1949 (c) May 1, 1950 (d) August 15, 1956

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In which year Planning Commission was set up? (a) In 1956 (b) In 1950 (c) In 1940 (d) In 1947

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According to the 2001 census, the lowest literacy rate is in: (a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Madhya Pradesh (c) Bihar (d) Arunachal Pradesh

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Which of the following states has the highest cricket pitch? (a) Jammu & Kashmir (b) Arunachal Pradesh (c) Himachal Pradesh (d) Sikkim

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Which of the following ranges forms the water divide between Narmada and Tapti rivers? (a) Aravalli (b) Satpura (c) Kaimur (d) Vindhyan

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on whose advice president can dissolve lok sabha