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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which one of the following is located at Khadakvasla? (a) Indian Military Academy (b) Officers Training Academy (c) National Defence College (d) National Defence Academy

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The flag ship of the Indian Navy is: (a) INS Vikrant (b) INS Nilgiri (c) INS Udaigiri (d) INS Dunagiri

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The highest rank in the Indian Army is of: (a) General (b) Major General (c) Captain (d) Brigadier General

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Indian Navy has: (a) 6 Fleets (b) 2 Fleets (c) 39 Fleets (d) 4 Fleets

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The Army Headquarters is in: (a) New Delhi (b) Kolkata (c) Pune (d) Patna

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The Territorial Army was organized in: (a) August, 1947 (b) October, 1949 (c) January, 1948 (d) December, 1950

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India?s BSF (Border Security Force) was organized on: (a) December 1, 1965 (b) August 15, 1947 (c) January 30, 1948 (d) April 28, 1922

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Which one of the following is associated with the manufacture of guided missiles? (a) Bharat Electronics Limited (b) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (c) Bharat Dynaraics Limited (d) Bharat Earth Movers Limited


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The first Railway train ?ran? in India, from Bombay to Thane, on April 16: (a) 1805 (b) 1809 (c) 1853 (d) 1847

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Regular organized air transport began in India in: (a) January, 1920 (b) April, 1922 (c) April, 1857 (d) June, 1947

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?Trishul? is a: (a) short range surface-to-air missile (b) surface-to-surface tactical battle field missile (c) medium range surface-to-air missile (d) marine acoustic research ship


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India is ?? largest producer of coal in the world. (a) 2nd (b) 3rd (c) 4th (d) 5th

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Kolar gold field and Hutti Gold fields are located in the state of: (a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Karnataka (c) Orissa (d) Maharashtra

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The Atomic Energy Commission was set up in: (a) August, 1948 (b) October, 1948 (c) January, 1948 (d) May, 1949

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Facilities for export of Kudremukh iron ore were specially developed at: (a) Mormugao (b) New Mangalore (c) Cochin (d) Kandla

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