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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is a use case ?.

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when test plan is created?

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what is negative testing and positive testing with example?

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Is there any future in testing field.

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What would be the designation of the tester in the company,would it be called as software engineer.

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can u tell me what is orthogonal array testing?


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Why must we test cookies?

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What is Mixed Testing


what is the use case ? what is the use of the use case ?


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What is Conventional & Unconventional testing?


What is Injuction testing?

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What is Conventional & Unconventional testing?

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How we can explain a bug which may arrive at the time of testing? Explain that bug in details?



What is Registry?


What is test belt?

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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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What is bug priority?


Have u ever done testing related to a database,give examples to support u r answer.


hi friends .......... from srs to signoff what r the tests the testing team will conduct either sequentially or parallel pls advice thanks in advance


could any body plz let me know which is best training institute for telecome testing in hyderabad?


Hi, this is murthysharma. I need very urgently about some terms which are used in use cases? Plz give reply to me, if any body know, It is really very very urgent. 1. what is the difference between basic flow,exception flow and alternative flow? 2.what are non-functional requirements in use cases? 3.what are exceptions, special requirements, business rules, assumptions, constraints. Kindly give me with the example. Bcoz, I am very new to this use cases. thanks in Advance. Regards, M.MurthySharma


what kind of testing have u done?


what is conditional testing? explain and examples


For any web application, what are the possible login features that should be tested?


How do u go about testing of client server application


What are some best practices that you should follow when writing test cases?


hi... guys can any one pls help me out.... I m civil engg graduate i want to come into s/w field... i have decided to do manual testing course. i know its not sufficient.. which r the other coures shall i do with this.. suggest me good atomation tool and SAP courses... thanks in advance.. i wil be thankfull to u all


how mapp the defect id in quality center?


can you show me the test cases on registration form


How do you know the code has met specifications?


Tell some examples of bug severity and bug priority?