Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Explain BVP


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Work flow in testing in your company?



Any one please tell the adhoc testcases for Gmail application?

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Which is the most Important step in STLC ? Why ?

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How to get the testing experience of capital market or banking domain? Are there any demo applications/websites?

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what is system integration testing or UAT testing ?


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system testing or sub system testing ? both are same or different ?


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where we do database testing in real time project ? and how ...??

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What is the role of Testing Engineering in a product company

Accenture, DQW,

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In an ATM machine , after entering pin -> not able to withdraw money. What are all the possible reasons. Debug


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If asked to create a Configuration Design Pattern, where would you start?



What is Batch testing? Facets Benefit Configuration



What is the difference between Unit Testing and Debugging?


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How to respond to Test cases questions while in an interview?


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if we are working on web app and suddenly web app server crush or block ..that situation wht will we do.. and which command will use in sql database


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hi friends .......... from srs to signoff what r the tests the testing team will conduct either sequentially or parallel pls advice thanks in advance


can u merge 10GUI map files into a single GUI map file in winrunner?


Discuss what test metrics you feel are important to publish an organization?


Why do we need different environments and different data? What is the other name for environment? Justify your explanation ? real time experts pls xplain?


Hi friends I am kranti completed my IT diploma in 2005 & after that complete my software testing course. Now I am working in small software form as software tester. I have 2 + year experience in manual testing. Now I wan to change company. Plz told me is there any effect that I can not have any degree although I have 2 + experience ?


14.What is function point breakdown?


Unix question: 1)command to print a list of files containing a particular word. 2) what does a .profile mean. 3) what is a file server? 4) Command to move towards left in vi editor explain grep and find commands using example.


what is agile model and spiral maodel?pls explain with an example?


3. In a system designed to work out the tax to be paid: An employee has £4000 of salary tax free. The next £1500 is taxed at 10%. The next £28000 after that is taxed at 22%. Any further amount is taxed at 40%. To the nearest whole pound, which of these groups of numbers fall into three DIFFERENT equivalence classes?


sanity testing is done during regression it true.if it is true plz explain?


how recovery manager works in winrunner


Hi All. How can we write negative test cases for Logout Operation ? Please place the answer with a few details and if possible add some related object properties. "A tester exposes his/her ability not only by words he/she also proof it by work"


what are the testing appraoch that you have tested for Bread toaster


In Quality Center, If we can reuse a non reusable test script as template test, then what is the need of defining reusable test scripts? What additional functionality does Reusable test scripts add when compared to non reusable test scripts?


What r the sequences that leads to automation?