Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Negatives test cases of gmail login page With its severity , priority and expected results columns Through test case template-oodles technologies gurgoan


what is sign off process in manual testing?

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Hi friends, i have joined as a software tester in a small organization.i don't have any higher guidance. i don't have any particular format for testcases and other documents. please anyone help me to develop my testcases. i want some format.. please send me some sample test cases.  this is my mail id :


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Can you please explain me how to do testing of an E-insurance project end to end process..



How to do manual testing of a E-insurance project (end to end process)



List out the test matrix

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i have 2.5 years of experience in manual testing and qtp. can anyone say me what kind of questions do they ask on manual testing and qtp.


If you are a test lead. Then how should you know all the requirements are covered in Test Cases if your team member has wrote the test cases?


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Anyone give me the Test Scenario template.


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write a test cases for facebook

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I have a build in which there are 17 files, now 3 new files added, in this case what type of testing will do


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If there is only one module or unit then how you test it?

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why we need to write test cases?

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why we need quality assurance?

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Hi can anyone Explain smoke testing with real time examples


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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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how to write defects in excel sheets when defects occured


how will you estimate of your website?


Hi ALl, Can you please list out Q & A for Test Lead,which Interviewer may ask in interview for Test Lead position


Upps..., sorry my email id is this : Thanks in advanced.


Once automated, what are the types of functionality provides the highest Return On Investment (ROI) to the company?


Hi All. How can we write negative test cases for Logout Operation ? Please place the answer with a few details and if possible add some related object properties. "A tester exposes his/her ability not only by words he/she also proof it by work"


1. Give me an example of something you tried at work but did not work out so you had to go at things another way. can somebody give a real time example


What r all the security problems u r facing & the measures taken to solve.


I have to give weights to 5 stones so that using a simple balance and the stone i should be able to weight any number between 1-100


What is revision history and the content of revision history table?


What a team leader will test first when s/he will get new module to test?


If you're given a program that will average student grades, what kinds of inputs would you use?


How to integrate Bugzilla with QTP?


Hi to all, im vaibhav i joined a MNC as a tester and i got a banking (HSBC) project can any one tell me as a fresher what kind of strategy i sholud use to perform better. thanx


Anyone tell me the test cases of Shopping Favorite