Manual Testing Interview Questions
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1)can u tell me, what is the roles and responsibles for database tester in DB testing from requirement stage to UAT stage....2) what are the i/p documents he wants and who wil give the i/p docs. to DB tester.and tell me what exactly db test case means what?



whar are the contents in db testing test case template



What is the difference bitween cookies and sessions/

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hi guys...every test engineer have strong knowledge on SQL....but i have zero knowledge on sql......pls suggest me which one i need.. to get strong knoledge on sql .... learn SQL SERVER or ORACLE?

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Give proper Seq. to following testing Types Regression, Retesting, Funtional, Sanity and Performance Testing.? and which phase of STLC comes?

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What is the role of QA in a SDLC?

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How will you prepare Test Data?

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Give proper Seq. to following testing Types Regression, Retesting, Funtional, Sanity and Performance Testing.?


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How do you review testcase (Types of review)? and whom to send for review ?

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How do we estimate the number of test cases?

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if you have 100 test cases, in that 80 passed and 20 failed, Which test cases your select for Retest and Regression testing?

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What is the role of tester in SDLC cycle ( in each phase )

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What is Test methodology, Testing type , Testing approach, Testing technique & Testing methods. Explain with example.


What is revision history and the content of revision history table?


feasibility testing ??

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write the test senario on opening door in the flow diagram format


Easiest way to write test cases? How i can learn writing the test cases?


If automating - what is your process for determining what to automate and in what order


i looking for the software testing job with the exp of (1.5 yrs ), if anybody knows how to approach the companies ,pls let me know , possible que which will be asked in interview ? pls send me sample resume for testing ....pls do the favour as soon as posible .


Wat type of questions ll be asked in interview for an 1-2 yrs. experinced persond and i need some database concept question in testing.


What exactly you do as a Configuration controller?


Hi, this is not a tech question, i have 4 yrs of experience in Mainframe systems, presently as a mainframe tester in pune, i just want to step towards south locatios(preferable hyd), suggest me the best way to get calls from hyd.


In how many ways you perform batchtesting ?


I need your help, actually am facing lots of problem in interview am not able to answer in right way what ever questions asked about project. Could you please answer few questions? You must have seen the project I have mention as current project so please help on this, tell me how to explain project in details am prepare on HR module but don’t know how to explain it properly. If you can send me few documents like SRS, and few test case that will help me to get the clear picture, and want ask u what is tier1, tier2, and tier3 in project.


what is system testing? as test eng, what do u do in sys testing? who invoves in sys testing?


what are all the possible Test Cases for VoIP based applications


Hello Varun, Kindly send me the material as well as sample question papers as i am interested in doing the certification. Kindly help me out in this regard. Here is my mail ID:


What are the review documents used for testing?


Describe your experiences with code analyzers.


what is the common in all s.o.p (standaed operating procedure)?