Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to test a web service manually?

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What is Standalone testing?


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Hi am new to this forem.i am a begineer in software testing and i have passed the ISEB exam,can anyone tell me how to gain knowledge practically ie practising testcases...... Thanks in advance


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tell me 3 defects in FRS document, while doing FRS review which u have found in the last 3 years ? could u plz answer



what does ur FRS document conatin?

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what does frs doc contain?

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Hi Please tell me about ERP for hr module what all function u found in hr model .

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What are techniques for Integration Testing.

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Hi Please tell me about ERP Project how do describe in interview Please tell me details about this project my id is


what is incremental model?

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list of methods that is used to document the requirements of a software.


Different types of design documents which can be used to write effective test cases(if FRS and SRS is not enough to write the test cases.)

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While executing test cases, you got a test case as failed and it has a high severity(Show stopper). What is the next step? How you will execute the remaining test cases ?

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Name some bug tracking tools???

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Different types of design diagrams that supports to write test cases ?


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How to Generate Test Case for Shopping Cart?


anybody there with 3+ exp in software testing looking for change and like to work in bangalore fwd your resume to


What r the domain for pharma, interview if they ask about phrma application, what need to tell, is there anybody have screens or any information please tell me and if have URL let me know please.


Have u ever done testing related to a database,give examples to support u r answer.


Dear Friends, Please guide me how to write test case for work Experiance field range.(It has 2 fields for range)


1.How can you Pick Integration Test Cases? 2.When will you start Regression Testing? 3.What is the difference between QA & QC? 4.When Will you Exit In Testing? 5.Test Deliverable's 6.What is the difference between windows based appln and web based appln? 7.What are the types of regression testing?


how is market for testing in banglore,chennai,pune,delhi?


Difference between Stakeholder and Relevant Stakeholder?


What is build interval period?


test measurment techniques


What will be the QA roles and responsibilities in Health care stream like BCBS,can someone please explain me any example project regarding health care services in web-based application?


What are the RBI rules has to follow by a bank for online precesseing. ?


.In languages testing, what is the fixed part and changing part?


how can u prepare the test plan?


functional testing and usability testing test cases for transfer funds...