Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to test a web service manually?

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What is Standalone testing?


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Hi am new to this forem.i am a begineer in software testing and i have passed the ISEB exam,can anyone tell me how to gain knowledge practically ie practising testcases...... Thanks in advance


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tell me 3 defects in FRS document, while doing FRS review which u have found in the last 3 years ? could u plz answer



what does ur FRS document conatin?

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what does frs doc contain?

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Hi Please tell me about ERP for hr module what all function u found in hr model .

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What are techniques for Integration Testing.

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Hi Please tell me about ERP Project how do describe in interview Please tell me details about this project my id is


what is incremental model?

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list of methods that is used to document the requirements of a software.


Different types of design documents which can be used to write effective test cases(if FRS and SRS is not enough to write the test cases.)

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While executing test cases, you got a test case as failed and it has a high severity(Show stopper). What is the next step? How you will execute the remaining test cases ?

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Name some bug tracking tools???

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Different types of design diagrams that supports to write test cases ?


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When we are recording in WinRunner and interact with the AUT, what does WinRunner do?


What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech?


When have you had to focus on data integrity?


what is the most critical bug u have to find in ur project.My application is ERP based,in this purchase module is there.plz tell me the answer?


how to write defects in excel sheets when defects occured


What is data matrix? What is the use of it?


What are the main key components in Web applications and Client Server applications? and their differences?


On login window for username and password auto populated field means what !


Hi there Does anybody can respond to my Questions? Is some one there to answer my Questions posted in Software testing category.pls E-mail to


What is Pre UAT and UAT is there any difference ?


what is traceability matrix and its usefulness


what is e-tester?


which domain is of high demand for software testing, Right now i am working in Education domain .How about demand for Education domain and which companies are recruiting in education domain


what types of testing you performed in transfer funds module....


Hi, what do you mean by internal auditing? what are the things they do in internal auditing?what they review? THNX in Advance