Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what do you mean by Develop test data through sourcing (or) handcrafting techniques



I am working on dotnet technology. Recently i came to testing. I want to write general test cases for any interface either windows application or web applications. Please cover all these issues: 1) Database issues 2) Integrated Related Issues 3) Business logic issues 4) User Interface issues 5) Network related issues


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How Requirement is linked with traceability matrix. Give proper example

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how to Link the requirement with Test Cases in the Treaceability Matrix. Give real time Example ( Pl. Real Time Project testers only)

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What is Defect Leakage? and explain with example?

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Suppose a defect is fixed by developer and that defect got closed. But because of fixing that defect we are getting another defect. If 2nd defect is fixed the 1st defect is reproduced again. If that process is continuing what should the tester do to nail that defect?

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6. What is difference between a Test Plan, a Test Strategy, A Test Scenario, and A Test Case ? What’s is their order of succession in the STLC?

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List the considerations in developing testing methodology



i want manual and automation test cases and interview questions



How you create Test Cases Based on Test Plan ? Is there any approach following for creation of test cases?

US Technology,

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What is Retesting?

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As a tester how we resolve defect leakage? And how it occures?


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can u explain about iteration model? And what is it?


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I don't know about testing, I want to learn about Teasting. What kind of books I should read? Can anyone help me? (Like manual, automated testing) lots of things are there. from where I should start?

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What did you do in you last project? Can any one tell me about the application in detail any project regarding credit card

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what are all the possible Test Cases for VoIP based applications


What will be the testcase for a uniquely generated number in the application?? i mean to say is, how will i conform the application is generating a unique value.... please do answer...


What criteria would you use to select Web transactions for load testing?


what are the templates for daily,weekly and monthly reports? plz reply ASAP.


what could be the (realtime)bugs you come across in job portal and health care projects in terms of 1. high severity n low priority 2. high severity n high priority 3. low severity n low priority 4. low severity n low priority? pls its very urgent thanks n in advance n lukin forward for reply


How to do integration testing on duster......


what is base time , how can we base time your doc"s ?


how to connect your project in database?


1.How can you Pick Integration Test Cases? 2.When will you start Regression Testing? 3.What is the difference between QA & QC? 4.When Will you Exit In Testing? 5.Test Deliverable's 6.What is the difference between windows based appln and web based appln? 7.What are the types of regression testing?


What is difference between Manual testing and Pega/BPM testing?


What are the possible test scenarios around AVS check of any credit card? (Testing through payment gateway online) (What are the fields we should check while checking AVS and CVV)


in an online banking software,users are connecting to bankserver by login.This login module can take below inputs for user. a/c number prefix-3 digits but doesnot start with 0&1 a/c number sufix-6 digits number password-5to 10 chars alphanumerics in lowercase areacode-3 digits number but optional purpose- cheque deposit money trasfer mini statement bills pay After filling above fields,user can click submit button to connect to bank server.prepare test scenarios for online banking s/w login.


When did u complete testing ? Which scenrio should not be in automation testing ? why ?


What are joins and subjoins in the data bases what is data driven testing what is verification and validation What is Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) Is Verification is related to QA and Validation is related to QC ? which type of model you follow basically in your project what is a use case How to test a Bike how to test a Lift (Elevator). which configuration Management tool do you use which Bug tracking tool do you use explain Bug life cycle what is Regression testing what is ALPHA testing ans BETA testing What types of testings comes under Non functional testing what is TEST DIRECTOR what is CMM and CMM i whar are Expressions in Winrunner What is a Compile module Is it Necessary to open the tool first or the application first after getting a bug what will you do if you add a new object or a new module for the existing application then how will you test the application which Defect tracking tool do you use what is change management What is smoke Testing what is sanity testing A application is given to you but the requirements and functionalities are missing what will you do to start the testing which testing documents will be received by the client


Artifacts in design phase of SDLC ?