Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the difference between reporting and testing? which one is good to choose as a carrer?

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How many types of applications are available for a Test engineer to test? In detail? PLZ.


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what is white box testing and what is the teckniques


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Write max. no of test case's in following scenario Developer develops single page which consist of simple Text box and a Submit button. Developer has not written a single line of code for the button (i.e. no relation of Text box and Submit button). No validations are implemented on Test box as well as button.


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Hi all, I am currently working in manual testing and am interested in database testing. How do I change my career from manual to database testing? What are the prerequisites for that inorder to equip myself for database testing?

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HI Frnds Can u send the openings on 3+ Exp in ManulaTesting in CHennai


what is role of tester in spiral model?


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Could anyone let me how to write test cases in Manual Testing with the real time examples.

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what will you do in review meetings?

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From which phase will you start testing and How will you find out the left out things in testing?

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what is the entry and exit criteria for system testing in v model

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specify another matrix/table used for same functionality as of tracibility matrix?

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difference between regression and retesting?

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when 200 testcases are to be written in a single day, then what will you do?


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any one can explain error guessing..?it depends on validation or functional testing? give one example ..?

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Please Tell me About Fish-Bone Model. Thanks in Adv.


How would u test and automate an Antivirus application ?


write test case for gmail sign up page ?


do we need to write test cases for workflow of the product for instance: there is 2 module "TRAINING ASSIGN MODULE" and "EMPLOYEE" in TRAINING assign MODULE iam assigning training to employee setp is 1.selct traning "oracle" employee u want assign "peter" 3.apply. now to check whether training assign or not GOTO EMPLOYEE module on "peter" on 'view assign to employee' this is a flow do i need to write test cases for this fllow.plz help me guy mail me


Write the test cases for yahoo home page


Hi....Friends....If anybody having Sample CSTP question papers, pls send it to the following Id... Thanks n advance...


Is Anyone attended the manual testing interview with capgemini in recent past. please let me know the type of questions they can ask. Thanks


Hi Frnds, this is Aman.. can anybody tell me plz what kind of QA Interview questions are asked by IDS Infotech Ltd., Chandigarh? I have lil bit experience only in Manual Testing.. Plz answer my question as soon as possible.. Thnx in advance..


wat if fiddler and how it is used in tesing an application. please explain with a real time scenario


What r the functional testing u perform?


There is only requirements document. You have 10 days and 8 resources to release the system.At the end of the 8th day u tell ur TL that system is ready for release. How will you proceed with the testing process or in other words what all approach you will follow once you get requirements


What are the basic forms of variations?


why testcases are written and what is the importance?


How could we start writing testcases without having the FRS,BRS Docs? My Project has some docs that are related to explain the operations which will be done in the application. It is deployed in UAT server and is a maintainance project. Tell me some technipues or best way to provide the quality to application?


what are the functional test cases for enter user name,enter pass word,click on ok(only functional test cases)