Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are the web designing tools ?


sir actually how we connect the Ajax engine to the normal web chat application how. And how Ajax engine works??


What are test case formats widely use in web based testing?


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Before starting to write a script, how will you find the test cases that have the same functionality? And how will you maintain the code?


Acceptance testing is designed whether or not the software is FIT for the user to use. The concept of FIT is important in both design and testing. There are four components of FIT. State these 4 components?


Deep structure testing is not designed to Option 1 examine object behaviors Option 2 exercise communication mechanisms Option 3 exercise object dependencies Option 4 exercise structure observable


Use-cases can provide useful input into the design of black-box and state-based tests of OO software. Explain


Enlist types of testing performed for any window in sequence?

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give an example for load testing

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how to prepare test case and test description for job application(like


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What is the difference between Functional and Technical bugs? Give an example for each.

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How will you maintain your team to get proper Qty (I am lead for testing team)?

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Pls give proper Seq. to following testing Types Regression,Retesting,Funtional,Sanity and Performance Testing.


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How u test MS- Vista without any requirement Doc.


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Write Test case on even/Odd or Prime Number from 1 to 100 ?

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How would u test and automate an Antivirus application ?


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what type of testing techniques are using after accept the build?


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What is difference between Bug resolution meeting & Bug Review Committee? Who are participants?


Q) Create Preffered customer: As a customer when i purchase more than $5000 in goods since my first purchase, I become a preffered customer so that i can receive the benefits associated with that status.


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What is Windows Test Technologies? Where i will get all information of it.


Write 2 scenarios for Integration testing? Please let me know its urgent.


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What are the main key components in Web applications and Client Server applications? and their differences?


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.In languages testing, what is the fixed part and changing part?


what is the difference between Test-bed and test topology?


Can anyone list out major scenarios for an application managing drug composition?