Manual Testing Interview Questions
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1:differenciate between functional regression and gui test cases 2:for a given requirement how to write test case and prepare test data with example like for front page what testing techniques are used at what requirments see monster page 3: can we test without front end application and can we perform testing without back end application 4:all possible questions asked on bugzilla plz answer as soon

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what is the difference between 2-tier appli. and 3-tier appli. testing

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How will you go with testing process if only project requirements document is given to you

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what wil be your approach while testing any software ,test to pass or test to fail?

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Hi Frnds, this is Aman.. can anybody tell me plz what kind of QA Interview questions are asked by IDS Infotech Ltd., Chandigarh? I have lil bit experience only in Manual Testing.. Plz answer my question as soon as possible.. Thnx in advance..


list out types of white box testing with breif explain? some body told seven types are there, plz give me ans.

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There are so many big companies like Reliance, Satyam, Infosys etc...But, y do u want to work for our company only?

Tanla Solutions, RR Donnelley,

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write 3 major bugs in inventory management system ...give 3 system test case and 3 integration test case


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is it possible to do performance testing in stand alone wil u do that ???????



What is the difference between Functional testing and Unit Functionality testing?



What is the difference between unit testing and functionality testing ?


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How is the communication with the developers for the Unit Testing?


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What are all covers for the Unit Testing ?


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What are all the things should be covered in the Unit Test cases ?


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Is testing is different in linux platform.please reply me how testing will be implemented on linux platform?

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What r the domain for pharma, interview if they ask about phrma application, what need to tell, is there anybody have screens or any information please tell me and if have URL let me know please.


I have an Interview about Guidewire claimcenter,so could you provide any info regd it?.I would really appreciate any kind of help- email at


What are drawbacks in system development life cycle


What is common interface?


What is Web testing & which action we take at the time of Web Testing?


How do you go about testing a project?


Can anyone please suggest me a online book on manual testing??


write test case for gmail sign up page?


what is the diff. bw separate database testers and manual testers with sql knowledge guys... iam confusing so much ,,in cmpny database testers are not working on manual..? both positions are same are not? explian clesly with example? thank u


In a systen design to work out the tax to be paid: An employee has Rs 4000 of salary tax free. the next Rs 1500 is taxed at 10% , the next Rs 28000 is taxed at 22% , any further amount is taxed at 40% , the nearest whole Rs, which of these is a valid boundary value analysis test case ???? a)Rs 1500 b)Rs 32001 c)Rs 33501 d) Rs 28000.


Test approach to windows update?


What r all the security problems u r facing & the measures taken to solve.


If date field is a text field write test cases to validate it?


Can anyone write test cases on google account creation page in the testing template format , urgent pls and explain if possible how to execute also


Did any one completed CSTE certiication? can u send sample question papers? how to apply that? pls send it to my mail id - THANKS IN ADVANCE