Manual Testing Interview Questions
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1.what is test metries ?

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!. what are the entry eriteria for functiondity and performance testing ?

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Diffrernce between client server testing and web server testing.


What is the difference between web based application and client server application?

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!.why do you go for white box testing ,when black box testing is available ?

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!what are the entry criteria for antomation testing ?


1. what are the types of testing you know and you experienced ?

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1. what are the qualities of a tester ?

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1. what is SDLC and TDLC ?

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1. what is baseline document , can you say any two ?


1. when to start and stop testing ?

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1. what exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing ?


1. After completing testing , what whoulds you deliver to the client ?

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1. what is a test bed ?

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1. why do you go for test bed ?

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Information about Automated Software Installer


what exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing?


I am DD. I am working as a Tester in e-learning company? IS there scope for content testing? or i have to change to software testing. pls guide me...


What knowledge I must have as a 3 yrs. manual tester??


What is Pre UAT and UAT is there any difference ?


On login window for username and password auto populated field means what !


What are the properties of a good requirement?


I am a ISTQB cerfity tester with 3 yrs experience(kolkata) , I left my current commpany due to some problem but since two months I did not get new job , why? is my age is 33 yrs and I am married . If anybody have any answer please let me know, my email id


If you're given a program that will average student grades, what kinds of inputs would you use?


what are the prerequisite conditins to test clientserver and web applications


what s test block ratio? please any one answer me..


Hi guys,I have 3+ years of exp in manual testing in a bangalore based MNC company.I Like to jump in chennai.So please if u know any jobs in chennai firms please let me know in my email-id. cheers, anbarasu.


I am having 2 years of experience in Manual Testing, 2marrow I have an interview with a Company. Which type of questions they will ask me?How should I prepare for interview?Please guide me so that I will clear the interview.


Describe to me what you see as a process. Not a particular process, just the basics of having a process.


I have 2 years of exp. in testing and looking for a change if any body knows, about any vacancy in testing then plz contact me on