Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How do you go about testing a project?


What is the initial stage of testing?

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What is the difference between Two Tier and Three Tier Architecture?


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What is the difference between client server and web based testing?

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What is the difference between SIT and IST?

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What is the difference between alpha testing and beta testing?

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What is smoke testing and when it wil be done?

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what is the use of functional specification?

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what is adhoc testing n when it wil be done?

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what is regression testing and what is system testing? whaen we will do the regression testing and when we will do the system testing?


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what is performance testing?

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what is regression testing and what is system testing? whaen we will do the regression testing and when we will do the system testing?

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what is entry criteria for intigration testing,,? what is entry criteria for system testing? what is exit criteria for intigration testing & system testing??? plz give me proper examples .... thanks & regards

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i know that there are two types of is web applications and the other is client-server application.web means online applications,and client server means we have to install in our systems to use my question is ,yahoo messenger which we have to install in our system and have to work on line.this application comes under which type of application.

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How to do Pixel Size testing in a PDF document. Is there any Open tool that will be avaiable?


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explain the 5 types test matrics?


Any one please can u tell me what is composer? An interviewer asked me do u have experience in Composer? its urgent.


Hello testers I am an Bsc Hotel mgmt Degree holders but now am doin my software testin programme, side by MCA Master degree an have 6 months exp i testing in company.. i want to change my CV according IT based. so can anyone help me with sendin any sample CV of urs.. do me this favour it wil be very helpful for me prepare CV for interviews....


You must test a trouble report where the problem cannot be reproduced. You tried using various test data files and mutations from the data files the customer sent along with the trouble report. The software does not fail the way it did at the customer's site.


whats the reason to display the password(not in encrypted form) in the script in load runner but not in QTP?


Presently working in software company as a software test engineer with 1.5 yrs of experience but i am 2002 passout.Gap is 6 yrs.Is there any problem getting job in MNC? Which criteria HR follows for recruiting test engineer?


how can we do database testing. In database testing we verify the data integrity and data validation. how can we do testing of Index, triggers, views, ransactions,cursors etc


What is Application Performance testing and Operational performance testing


How to do integration testing on duster......


what are the different methods to test a product in 'Japanese' language? NOTE:User is unable to perform basic functionalities while using the app..(copy, paste, text selection etc.)


how can we give (ASSIGN) bug privitorirs and seviroty to the bug explain with exanple


a newly launched web site is hosted on web server.It is expected that 100 people visit the website every hour and browse 30 pages spending a total 15 minutes. what is the maximum hits/sec that the web server should support this load?justify your answer. need urgently. by rimesh


test cases for Insurance Processing System ?


Can anyone please suggest me a online book on manual testing??


where can i learn domain knowledge? how cab i gain domain knowledge? what types of Questions can be asked in domain(BFSI)? PLZ REPLY ME