Manual Testing Interview Questions
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When we use Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partion? Which one is best?I heard that ANy one of this technique useing by a it right?

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What type of questions may ask related to sql during interview?

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Plz anyone help me to write testcases for squar,Triangle,Rectangle and Circle.

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What are all the test metrics following by comapany?

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Hallow friends, plase tell me difference between retesting and regression testing?

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what is the combination of grey box testing

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what is software testing


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what is test metrics

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Why do you go for White box testing, when Black box testing is available?

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When to start and Stop Testing?

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What is a Test Bed?

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What is a Data Guidelines?

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.Why do you go for Test Bed?

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why is it necessary to give a priority to the test cases or/and requirements. why does the Test case ID is not sufficient to identify the test cases to be executed first.

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hi all, i am new to testing environment.i have two questions 1.what is the difference between volume test and load test.? 2.generally ,what is the output for stress testing.?because it is beyond the limit.and what is the use of stress testing?

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how will you estimate of your website?


Can any1 tell me suppose u r doing manual testing on unix platform with Shell Script, then how it is done? How u r implementing it & what is the use of Shell scripting on Manual Testing?


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Can any one give a summary of testing a territory management system? what would be the test scenarios, few test cases. how it works.


how to write test cases both negative and positive .source to destination and booking form


write test case for linked in sign up page ?


Do submit teststrategy to customer if yes at what time


hai friends i did my bcom (distance with out inter)and iam pursuing mca(distance alagappa university)iam learning testing cource in ameerpet can i elgibel for testing jobs pls guide me … …and send details to


IN SQL SERVER 2005, With out using Query, hw can u break down USER NAME & PASSWORD to enter the software.


Describe to me what you see as a process. Not a particular process, just the basics of having a process.


what are the testing appraoch that you have tested for Bread toaster


Is compatabilitytestig and port testing are same


need testing projects where can i find them


Hi there Does anybody can respond to my Questions? Is some one there to answer my Questions posted in Software testing category.pls E-mail to


hi friends i have a question while the files are uploading into the web server(for storing)..... securely......... what is the meaning securely.......its regarding virus threating or user authentication.... the files are video files these are ripping and converted into .flv format pls clarify ..........thanks in advance......