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USA Visitor Visa B2 Visa Interview Questions
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Where did you visit last time?

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If the US visa officer says that " If I reject your visa" what shall we say in reply to his above question. Thanks Manasi


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I am a 17 yrs old indian student and i have applied for a us tourist visa but i have been refused visa six yrs back in 2001.The reason which was given to me at that time was that my father was not having sufficient funds. So i want to know that what necesssary requirements should i fulfil so that I could get a visa this time.

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Need an opinion. My daughter is about 19 years old. She is studying in First Year Bachlor of Physiotherapy in Government Medical College. She has having her vacation in the month of July or August. Yet University has’t declare Vacation. Her vacation willl be only of 20 days. Upon invitation her uncle/cousin who is American Citizen, she wish to go to USA to see all our realtives and pleasure trip. Again I would like to inform you that My son is in USA on student visa ( Master in Publish Health course) We being a parents have 10 years multiple visitor visa( ( but not travel single time) Kindly guide me whether my daughter should disclose about her brother and parent’s visa or not. Would it be better for her to travel with us to USA Which will be the best option. In the case of younger applicants who may not have had aopportunity to establish such ties. Which types of documents should I produce in the Consulate General for the easy visa for my daughter. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

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i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not



i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not

CPA, Visa,


I am a Musician hadbeen to USA 3 times on P3 visa anc came i would like to go USA on tourist friends are there and i will bear my to and fro tickets and rest of my friends,so do i need of any letter from friend from USA

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I've applied 4 USA B2 visa with me, my wife n our 7 months old son. V both are govt. teachers n have movable property of 4 to 4.5 lakh n imovable 35 to 36 lakh n have sponser assurity with sufficient funds. Wat kind of steps should I take to clear the interview? Wats types of quetions i've to prepare wat can they ask us?


I have GRE score of 960 & TOEFL 87. And workex of 8 months in an IT firm. I have received i-20 from IIT, chicago. I wanted to know that, wht they ask me that why low score in GRE?


my husband is on h1b visa and brother is on h1b visa .my husband told me to come on h4 visa but iam not interested to stay in u.s .so my brother is sponsering me to come on visiting visa so that i can convince my husband to return back to india. will i get visiting visa.

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if both of your kids are in US, why will you come back to India? You might stay there.


I and my husband gave interview on 19th march. We were rejected due to financial tie. we hose bank balance of 42000.00 dhs in my account & my husband account 32000.00 At that time we were sendin Indi. Now we stopped to send there and doing saving here. We both are woking in uae. We are not interested to stay more in USA. Now our 2nd interview on 9th. I want to clear that. we want to go only for 15days. And heartly say that we are not interested for any type of staying more. I am worry about next interview. Anybody can give their openion for 11nd interview? Thanks,Rashmi

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I am now 23 years old and currently working as a Software Engineer in TCS,India. My current salary is over Rupees 4 Lakhs per annum(INR). My father who is LPR in United States has filed an I-130 petition for me in june 2003 in F2A category. Since my father is still not an US citizen(as he travels frequently to US), NVC shifted me in F2B category as per CSPA rules. After this, it seems that the case will still take 2 more years. I want to visit my sisters in US(they are US citizens). Should i applied for A US Business visa? I was rejected a business visa once in 2001. My intent is only to visit them for 3 weeks for a family get together.


my boy friend is in USA. his a citizen of US for over 10 years now and working. i want to go for visit, for 1 month. i don't want to stay there with he now, until we get married. pls can u tell me what is involved. the necessary document i needed for the trip and what to do. thanks



i want to do CPA, for that i have to go to US for 15days, pls tell me that can i get B1 or B2 visa



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Hi good people after I have been denied the us visa 2012 for the organization conference, my best friend invited me with litter to visit her 2013 and I was also denied for that am wondering if I can still apply for us visa again .


I have got 5yrs multiple B1/B2 visa. I have visited USA in Aug10 alone. Now i am planing to visit again with my wife young daughter of 4months age. What are the documents do i need for now? What question my wife can expect from Visa officer on the day of interview ?


im recently married. my husband had 2 years of h1 visa and he worked there 1 year back he is back in india his visa got expired this november. now we are trying for a visitors visa showing that my husband is working in india since 1 year..... im a house wife.... what type of questions would i face in the interview.


I want to attend an international conference in USA to present my paper. am a Ph.D student. I have a visa interview on 6th october 2010. what should be my minimum bank balance? yet to get a travel grant letters from govt. funding agencies.


I applied for a B1/B2 visitor visa in May and went to lagos for the interview although i was going to attend a training programme( Faith internaqtional training school) which was going to last for 5 months. i stated i will be staying in the USA for 5 months and i never lost a passport and have not travelled within the last 5 years but i am married with a son working with the local government and salaRY #180,000 Had all the necessary documents to back up my claims yet i was denied under the 214b sectiion, was issued the blue paper and the VO didnot check any of my documents. I have rebook the appointment again for this month next week although made changes to my previous claim that i lost an old passport with three countries visas, GHANA, PORTUGAL , ROMANIA where i visited sometime ago and got a reissued passport which is not carrying any VISAS as at now and also stated that that i will be staying in the USA for only 10 days as my church which recomended me for the training expect to return after ten days of the spiritual enrichment programme to be ordained a pastor . Do you think my past record could be used against me and what are my chances for getting the Visa now going to the embassy at Abuja ????


I had applied for the US visitor visa from Calgary,Canada in Jan,2010. But my visa was rejected saying that I did not show them any bond with Canada and they doubted my returning back from US. The reason was as I did not have any property on Canada and no family in Canada as well. But I still have the same condition. I don't know why would they do that even though I am Permanent Resident in Canada. Should I try the visa again and from India my home country. Thankyou Manu


Hi, I had submitted applications to sponsor visitor Visa for my parents. During the application process, I had selected Hyderabad as the consulate. I want to schedule an interview in kannada and since my parents are residents of Karnataka, I am being asked to take up an interview at Chennai. Since my application confirmation lists Hyderabad as the selected consulate, Will there be a problem if the interview is taken in Chennai. Please advice. Thank you


We are residents from UAE and my 2 children doing higher studies in USA and i want to apply for B2 Visa and we have got land , building properties and i can self sponsor for the visit. Am i eligible to go . what sould i do ? Please reply to


Hi , i'm Mostafa i'm 20 Years old .. and my interview is after 3 days .. i intend to go and spend 3 weeks with friends in New York .. but what should i answer on " Why Are You going to USA ?! "


Hi, I would be travelling to US on my H1B visa soon and i plan to bring my kid (2 years old) and my parents to US for sometime during the month of Jan 2011.. My mother has already once travelled to US on a visitor visa.. My question is, my kid doesnt have a dependant visa, and later in the month of Jan 2011, I would not be able to return to india to get her visa stamped. But I still want her to travel to US (along with my parents) and reside with me for few days. Hence in this scenario please let me know if my kid can get a visitor/toursit visa instead of dependant visa? Regards, Snigdha


My husband and I both possess US visas and would like to travel soon. We would like to travel with our 7 month old daugther who does not have one. What is the possibility of her getting one so that we can travel together.


I have GRE score of 960 & TOEFL 87. And workex of 8 months in an IT firm. I have received i-20 from IIT, chicago. I wanted to know that, wht they ask me that why low score in GRE?


My friend send me an invitation letter to play a role in the festival holding at his restaurant for one week


Hi, I applied for B2 visa in Jan.. it was rejected.. i reapplied in april it was rejected again.. Should I apply for F1 now as I plan to takje up a course too.. or how long should i wait for applying??


i want to do CPA, for that i have to go to US for 15days, pls tell me that can i get B1 or B2 visa