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USA Visitor Visa B2 Visa Interview Questions
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Hello, My name is Sam, i was refused the B2 visa today from the usa embassy in singapore. I am from africa and i'm currently on full scholarship in computing with all my fees and accomodation plus stipends paid for the duration of the course 3yrs from my government. I wanted to go to the usa and see my family friend for my upcoming 1 week vacation in august and what i mentioned above was suppose to be my ties to bring me back to singapore. i answered all the consul questions correctly and calmly and i had $4200 in my account for this trip. The consul asked how much i thought the whole trip would cost and i answered $2500 since i was going to stay with my family friend. He also asked me how i knew this my family friend. After that, he said he's sorry he cannot grant the visa because i have only stayed in singapore for 4months. I want to re apply but i need advice on what to do.. Please any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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I m a student in USA - just come here in august 2009, n inviting my mom to visit me from India. I wanted to know if she has to submit the Invitation Letter from my University before the interview at the Visa Application centre in Pune. Other things I am already aware of .thank you


Hi; My aunt just got an interview at a US consulate in Dominican Republic and she was denied a visa in less than 2 minutes; the only question they asked was about her salary and she said was RD$20,000.00 (equivalent to around %575.00 US Dollars. she has all needed papers showing that she is financially good to pay for her trip but the officer was not satisfied with her salary. What should we do to get her a visa. actually she is a partner of the company that she works for but we need advise about this problem. thanks enrique


I am working with Private firm in India. Can anybody please tell whether I require any No Objection certificate from my employer, for applying to B2 Visa? Is it being asked by the Consulate Officer?

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i m student i uk from one month. i m indian @ in christmas holidays i want to go usa for one week as a tourism.


i am planning to visit USA. I have a friend in California... She told me that she will accomodate everything me when I get there... What are the requirements she has to prepare for me to pass the B2 US Visa? And what are the requirements should I prepare for my my interview? Can you guys give me some tips regarding the interview and the appropriate answers.. thanks a lot..

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my student visa was rejected in november and now i am going to apply in feb 2010 for visit visa for my uncle's wedding in april and i will be staying there for a week. is there any chance that i am gonna get visa this time i will be starting my MBA in march and i am working in resturant as a resturant manager. And how much bank balance do i have to show to get b2 visa?


i am working as a sr mo in private org sive 7 yrs. my salary is 7 lacs /annum. i want to get visitor visa under B2 category. relative of my wife are staying in usa under B2 & student visa category. what type of preparation is required to get the visa?


I will be travelling to the U.S, LA in 22 January 2010. I will hve to another ceremony on 15th May , other ceremony on 21st July. I hve a support of affadavit gor the visit. But the stay exceeds the limit. Is there any way to extend my stay til August 2010? I hve visited US in 1997. Should I eneter in January and return to India? Will I be allowed to enter in April again?


I have been in china for almost 8yrs. my wife is chinese and we have a son. I am holding F visa multiple. i am attending a conference in tucson. i would like to know my chances on this application.i have been denied at the time that i had no family here. thanks

US Consulate,


Hi,I'm Aida a permanent public school teacher in the Department of Education.Me and my daughter Sarah who is a permanent teacher in DepEd too we're invited by her boyfriend to visit his family because as I told him that before they will get married I should have to know the family bacground of his family and so he decided to support us in applying for a visit visa.We had an interview last Dec.21,2009 in the US embassy Manila and we're not given a visa because as I realized that we did not prove the consulate that we're really return to the Philippines after the visit.My question is can we still have a second interview next month to prove that we 're really return because we are apermanent public school teachers and we are stable in our job only I just have to know the family background of the guy can we have another chance next week pls using the same purpose in visiting?I would be very happy for your quick response.

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I want go to sigapur so what can i do for this purpose what document requred for the same?

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Hi My husband is in USA for couple of months on B1 visa. We are having our anniversary in this suration and we want to be together. My husband will get allowance of 110$ per day which company is ready to give in writing. My husband just has 2 years of experience so has only 1 year of ITR statement and bank statements do not show heavy cash flow. But the allowance that he wil be getting from the company would be good enough for my stay and the travel. My husband also has property in his name in India whose document xerox i have. What could be the possible Q after seeing these documents? and what should be my answer.

US Consulate,


why u are going to us

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how much amount i have to deposit in the bank


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What are the general questions as VO will ask ?


I had applied for the US visitor visa from Calgary,Canada in Jan,2010. But my visa was rejected saying that I did not show them any bond with Canada and they doubted my returning back from US. The reason was as I did not have any property on Canada and no family in Canada as well. But I still have the same condition. I don't know why would they do that even though I am Permanent Resident in Canada. Should I try the visa again and from India my home country. Thankyou Manu


My husband and I both possess US visas and would like to travel soon. We would like to travel with our 7 month old daugther who does not have one. What is the possibility of her getting one so that we can travel together.


Hi, I had submitted applications to sponsor visitor Visa for my parents. During the application process, I had selected Hyderabad as the consulate. I want to schedule an interview in kannada and since my parents are residents of Karnataka, I am being asked to take up an interview at Chennai. Since my application confirmation lists Hyderabad as the selected consulate, Will there be a problem if the interview is taken in Chennai. Please advice. Thank you


Hi, I got B2 visa for ten years. I visited U.S three times and returned back within scheduled time stipulated by U.S immigration authorities. Last visit is from 8th May to Oct 20th of 2010. Now I want to renew my visa for further period of 5 or 10 years. I would like to know the procedure and required papers.


I have a visitor's visa for 10 years which is still valid Now I may be invited to participate in a cultural festival in the U S with out any monetary considerations. Can I enter U S on the same Visa


I have got 5yrs multiple B1/B2 visa. I have visited USA in Aug10 alone. Now i am planing to visit again with my wife young daughter of 4months age. What are the documents do i need for now? What question my wife can expect from Visa officer on the day of interview ?


We are residents from UAE and my 2 children doing higher studies in USA and i want to apply for B2 Visa and we have got land , building properties and i can self sponsor for the visit. Am i eligible to go . what sould i do ? Please reply to


Hi , i'm Mostafa i'm 20 Years old .. and my interview is after 3 days .. i intend to go and spend 3 weeks with friends in New York .. but what should i answer on " Why Are You going to USA ?! "


My son is in California, on M1 status. I want to see him as a vistor. Is their any chance for a Parent(mother) to get visa


Hi, I would be travelling to US on my H1B visa soon and i plan to bring my kid (2 years old) and my parents to US for sometime during the month of Jan 2011.. My mother has already once travelled to US on a visitor visa.. My question is, my kid doesnt have a dependant visa, and later in the month of Jan 2011, I would not be able to return to india to get her visa stamped. But I still want her to travel to US (along with my parents) and reside with me for few days. Hence in this scenario please let me know if my kid can get a visitor/toursit visa instead of dependant visa? Regards, Snigdha


I applied for a B1/B2 visitor visa in May and went to lagos for the interview although i was going to attend a training programme( Faith internaqtional training school) which was going to last for 5 months. i stated i will be staying in the USA for 5 months and i never lost a passport and have not travelled within the last 5 years but i am married with a son working with the local government and salaRY #180,000 Had all the necessary documents to back up my claims yet i was denied under the 214b sectiion, was issued the blue paper and the VO didnot check any of my documents. I have rebook the appointment again for this month next week although made changes to my previous claim that i lost an old passport with three countries visas, GHANA, PORTUGAL , ROMANIA where i visited sometime ago and got a reissued passport which is not carrying any VISAS as at now and also stated that that i will be staying in the USA for only 10 days as my church which recomended me for the training expect to return after ten days of the spiritual enrichment programme to be ordained a pastor . Do you think my past record could be used against me and what are my chances for getting the Visa now going to the embassy at Abuja ????


my husband is on f1 f2 visa rejected twice on the basis of insufficient funds.pls advice me wat to do i elligible for visit visa when should i apply for that


if both of your kids are in US, why will you come back to India? You might stay there.


Hi everybody i am from saudi arabia and I am going to apply for visa B2 from Dahran city in East Area so what kind of questions they will ask me.