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CCNA Interview Questions
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The Cisco Catalyst 5000 switch supports full duplex. How would you enable it on the second port of the card in slot 1? A.) router(config-if)# duplex full B.) router(config)# duplex full C.) router(config-if)# set port duplex D.) router(config)#port duplex = full E.) router(config-if)# set port 1/2 full

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Which command will enable CHAP authentication on a serial interface that is using PPP? A.) encapsulation chap B.) ppp chap C.) ppp enable chap D.) ppp encapsulation chap E.) ppp authentication chap F.) ppp chap enable

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From Enable mode, a user types the letter 'C' and presses enter. There is more than 1 command that starts with 'C'. What message would the router return? A.) Nothing would be returned, the command is simply ignored. B.) unknown command C.) ambiguous command. D.) Copy to? E.) Configured console from console.

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You want a message to be displayed every time someone tries to log on to the router. Which command is required to accomplish this task? A.) motd#(message)# B.) banner motd(message) C.) banner motd#(message)# D.) banner motd*(message) E.) banner login#(message)#

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You create the following standard access-list access-list 1 deny access-list 1 deny int e0 ip access-group 1 in Which of the following statements are true, with regard to traffic flowing into E0? A.) This will stop IP packets with a source address of only. B.) This will stop all IP packets. C.) This is an invalid configuration. D.) This will stop no IP packets. E.) This will stop IP packets with a source address of only. F.) This will stop IP packets with a source address of and

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The command 'debug ip rip' will do which of the following? A.) Show Neighbor Info. B.) Display RIP routing updates. C.) Show routing table changes. D.) Show all IP traffic. E.) This is not a valid router command. F.) Cause the router to respond with 'Ambiguous command'

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You would like to have a notation that when a user issues the command 'show interface serial 0', a line is displayed indicating that, 'This is the connection to Company A.' What interface command would accomplish this? A.) banner motd #This is the connection to Company A.# B.) interface This is the connection to Company A. C.) This cannot be done for an individual interface. D.) description This is the connection to Company A. E.) banner This is the connection to Company A. F.) display This is the connection to Company A.

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What command would show the version of the IOS that you are running? A.) show nvram B.) show version C.) show startup-config D.) show ios E.) ver -a F.) show ram

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When editing a line in the CLI mode, what does 'CTRL-A' do? A.) Moves you to the previous command. B.) Moves you to the next word. C.) Moves you to the end of the line. D.) Moves you to the next command. E.) Moves you to the beginning of the line.

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When a router knows the IP address, but does not know the MAC address of the device it wishes to contact, it uses the ARP (Address resolution protocol) to determine the MAC address. After it learns the MAC address, it stores this information in the ARP cache. What is the command to view the ARP cache? A.) sh mac B.) show cache C.) show arp D.) sh arp interfaces E.) show ip cache

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Which command can verify only Network layer connectivity between 2 hosts? A.) ping B.) e-mail C.) plp D.) arp E.) telnet

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What would be the first command from global configuration mode to enable RIP on your router for interface E0, with an address of and mask of ? A.) router rip B.) network C.) router rip int e0 D.) router rip E.) router rip F.) network

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Which command would you type to show SAP and RIP updates you are receiving on an interface? A.) sh ipx servers B.) sh ipx traffic C.) sh ipx interface D.) sh ipx route

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What is the default IPX Ethernet encapsulation? A.) SNAP B.) Arpa C.) 802.2 D.) Novell-Ether E.) SAP

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What must be true for two routers running IGRP to communicate their routes? A.) Same autonomous system number B.) Connected using Ethernet only C.) Use composite metric D.) Configured for PPP

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