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CCNA Interview Questions
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Which command will display adjacent routers found by the Cisco Discovery Protocol? A.) show all B.) show cdp entry C.) show ip neighbors D.) show cdp neighbor detail E.) show cdp neighbor F.) show neighbor

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Which command line option will determine what traffic is interesting enough to establish a dialup connection? A.) dialer map B.) dialer string C.) dialer in-band D.) dialer-list E.) dialer negotiation

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Which command switches from User mode to Privileged mode? A.) login B.) privilege C.) admin D.) enable E.) enter F.) root

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Extended IP access-lists (100-199) can be used to control traffic. Which command listed below will permit smtp mail to only host ? A.) It is not possible for SMTP traffic B.) access-list 102 permit tcp any host eq smtp C.) access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 23 D.) access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq smtp E.) access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 25

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Which command-line keywords are valid for choosing Frame-Relay LMI types? A.) itu-t B.) dlci C.) ansi D.) rfc 1544 E.) cisco F.) q933a

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Which command will copy the routers configuration from NVRAM to a Network file server? A.) copy start tftp B.) copy start tftp server C.) copy tftp startup-config D.) copy running-config tftp E.) copy startup-config tftp

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Which commands would assign and enable IPX on an interface ? A.) enable netware B.) enable novell-ether C.) router#(config)ipx routing D.) You must first enable IPX globally and then assign the network number to the interface . E.) enable ipx F.) router#(config-if)ipx network 4a

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I want to configure a serial interface on a 7500 with a VIP card. What global config command would give me access to a serial interface on a 7500? A.) int 1/0/0 B.) int s 1/0/0 C.) int s 1/1 D.) int s0.1 E.) int s1

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Which command will display Ethernet 0's IP address? A.) display ip address e0 B.) show ip interface e0 C.) show address e0 D.) sh ip address e0 E.) show all

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After the command -- router igrp 200 -- what command would enable IGRP on the router for interface E0, with an address of and a mask of ? A.) network B.) network C.) router igrp * D.) router igrp E.) router igrp int e1 F.) router igrp

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Which command do you use to set the Privileged mode password to 'clearwater'? A.) set password=clearwater B.) enable privilege password clearwater C.) enable password clearwater D.) enable login clearwater E.) enable secret password clearwater F.) ebable clearwater

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How would you set the clock rate to 64K, on interface serial 0, from the interface configuration mode? A.) clock rate 64000 B.) bandwidth 64 C.) clock 64 D.) rate 64 E.) clock rate 64k F.) clock rate 64

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Given the following static route command, 'ip route 125', which portion represents the administrative distance? A.) B.) C.) D.) route E.) 125

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What does the following line for an access list do? 'access-list 101 deny tcp any eq 23' A.) deny all ftp traffic B.) deny all ftp traffic from subnet C.) deny all telnet traffic from subnet D.) deny all ftp traffic to subnet E.) deny all telnet traffic

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Although Cisco IOS 11.2 and later can auto-detect the LMI type in Frame Relay, which command will force the LMI type to q933a? A.) frame-relay lmi-type q933a B.) encapsulation frame-relay q933a C.) don't need to, it is the default D.) encapsulation q933a E.) encapsulation frame-relay type=q933a

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Which type for communication switch do?


Explain the types of communication in ipv4?


Which updates called incremental updates?


What is the syntax of ipv4?


What is the key advantage of using a switches?


What are the steps of conversion for data encapsulation?


Explain why ip address called logical address?


Define ios?


what is the difference between a ‘half-duplex’ and a ‘full-duplex’ system?


What is poe (power over ethernet)?


What is the beaconing?


Given the configuration example: interface ethernet0 ipx network 4a ipx access-group 800 out interface ethernet1 ipx network 3d interface ethernet2 ipx network tc access-list 800 permit 3d 4a Which action result from implementing this configuration? a-Traffic from network 3d for network 4a will be forwarded out e0 b-IPX network 5c will not receive any traffic c-Traffic from network 3d, destined for network 4a, will be forwarded out e2 d-Traffic from network 3d for network 3d will be forwarded out e0


What are the different types of password used in securing a cisco router?


Suppose we are having two Switches i.e. Switch1 & Switch2 Port1 of Switch1 is Connected to Uplink and switch2 is also connected to switch1? So 1>Is there is any loop? 2>How we come to know that there is a loop created? 3>If we add Switch3 to switch2 then there is a possibility of loop Creation?


What is the difference between named and extended acl?