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Which of the following is the MOST important consideration when developing a business continuity plan for a bank? A. Antivirus software B. Naming standards C. Customer balance list D. Password policy

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Which of the following controls will detect MOST effectively the presence of bursts of errors in network transmissions? A. Parity check B. Echo check C. Block sum check D. Cyclic redundancy check

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Which of the following would be the LEAST likely indication that complete or selected outsourcing of IS functions should be considered? A. The applications development backlog is greater than three years. B. It takes one year to develop and implement a high-priority system. C. More than 60 percent of programming costs are spent on system maintenance. D. Duplicate information systems functions exist at two sites.

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A dry-pipe fire extinguisher system is a system that uses: A. water, but in which water does not enter the pipes until a fire has been detected. B. water, but in which the pipes are coated with special watertight sealants. C. carbon dioxide instead of water. D. halon instead of water.

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The primary role of an IS auditor during the system design phase of an application development project is to: A. advise on specific and detailed control procedures. B. ensure the design accurately reflects the requirement. C. ensure all necessary controls are included in the initial design. D. advise the development manager on adherence to the schedule.

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In a risk-based audit approach, an IS auditor, in addition to risk, would be influenced by: A. the availability of CAATs. B. management's representation. C. organizational structure and job responsibilities. D. the existence of internal and operational controls

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The extent to which data will be collected during an IS audit should be determined, based on the: A. availability of critical and required information. B. auditor's familiarity with the circumstances. C. auditee's ability to find relevant evidence. D. purpose and scope of the audit being done.

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Which of the following would be a MAJOR disadvantage of using prototyping as a systems development methodology? A. User expectations of project timescales may be overly optimistic. B. Effective change control and management is impossible to implement. C. User participation in day-to-day project management may be too extensive. D. Users usually are not sufficiently knowledgeable to assist in system development.

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When implementing continuous monitoring systems an IS auditor's first step is to identify: A. reasonable target thresholds. B. high-risk areas within the organization. C. the location and format of output files. D. applications that provide the highest potential payback.

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When auditing the proposed acquisition of a new computer system, the IS auditor should FIRST establish that: A. a clear business case has been approved by management. B. corporate security standards will be met. C. users will be involved in the implementation plan. D. the new system will meet all required user functionality.

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In a risk-based audit approach an IS auditor should FIRST complete a/an: A. inherent risk assessment. B. control risk assessment. C. test of control assessment. D. substantive test assessment.

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Which of the following audit procedures would an IS auditor normally perform FIRST when reviewing an organization's systems development methodology? A. Determine procedural adequacy. B. Analyze procedural effectiveness. C. Evaluate level of compliance with procedures. D. Compare established standards to observed procedures.

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Which of the following is the MOST fundamental step in effectively preventing a virus attack? A. Executing updated antivirus software in the background on a periodic basis B. Buying standard antivirus software, which is installed on all servers and workstations C. Ensuring that all software is checked for a virus in a separate PC before being loaded into the production environment D. Adopting a comprehensive antivirus policy and communicating it to all users

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An enterprise has established a steering committee to oversee its e-business program. The steering committee would MOST likely be involved in the: A. documentation of requirements. B. escalation of project issues. C. design of interface controls. D. specification of reports.

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An organization provides information to its supply-chain partners and customers through an extranet infrastructure. Which of the following should be the GREATEST concern to an IS auditor reviewing the firewall security architecture? A. A secure socket layer (SSL) has been implemented for user authentication and remote administration of the firewall. B. On the basis of changing requirements, firewall policies are updated. C. Inbound traffic is blocked unless the traffic type and connections have been specifically permitted. D. The firewall is placed on top of the commercial operating system with all installation options.

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