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Data Structures Interview Questions
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What is binary tree?


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What are the parts of root node?


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What is B+ tree?

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sir plz. send me a bunch of questions related to this topic which may help me in campus selection


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1) Program A and B are analyzed and found to have worst- case running times no greater than 150nlog2n and n2 respectively.Answer the folloWing questions if possible.. i) which program has the better guarantee on the running time,for larger values of n(n>10000) ? ii) which program has the better guarantee on the running time,for small values of n(n<100) ? iii) which program will run faster on average for n =1000 2) wRite a program to compute the number of collisions required in a long random sequence of insertions using linear probing ,quadratic probing and double hashing 3) what is the optimal way to compute A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 where the dimensions of the matrices are A1:10*20 A2 : 20 * 1 A3 : 1 * 40 A4 : 40*5 A5 : 5 * 30 A6 : 30 X 15


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create an singly linked lists and reverse the lists by interchanging the links and not the data?

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Q#1: An algorithm is made up of 2 modules M1 and M2.If order of M1 is F(n) and order of M2 is g (n) then what is the order of the algorithm. Q # 2 : How many binary trees are possible with 3 nodes? with 4 nodes?

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Q # 1 : in which graph algorithm do we start finding vertices that should be first in the topological order and then apploy the fact that every vertex must come before its successors in the topolgical order.

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Let the G be a graph with 100 vertices numbered 1 to 100 Two vertices i and j are adjecnt if | i-j| =8 or | i-j| =12. The Number of connected components in G is ?

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I am given a sequential algorithm that does a routine search on an unordered list. N = 20. The probability that the value x does NOT appear in the list is exactly 60%, and the probability that x DOES appear is 40%. The 3 questions that I could not get were: A) What is the avg number of element comparisons performed when n = 20 and x does NOT appear in the List. (my answer was 20, is this correct?) B) What is the avg number of element comparisons peformed when n = 20 and x DOES appear in the list? C) What is the avg number of element comparisons performed when n = 20. This should be a single number answer they said.

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what is binary tree?


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How can one find a cycle in the linked list? IF found how to recognize the cycle and delete that cycle?


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wt is a datastructure


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Convert following infix expression to the prefix expression. a - b + c * (d / e - (f + g))

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what is atmost complete binary tree?

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Which is better than array and linked list?


How do we find duplicate elements in an array?


How to show internal storage representation of data structure in RDBM?


What is the difference between b tree and binary search tree?


What is difference between hashmap and arraylist?


What does a bubble chart show?


Explain the Linked List


Explain the difference between a list and array.


Define general trees?


in tree construction which is the suitable efficient data structure? (Array, linked list, stack, queue)


What method removes the value from the top of a stack?


Explain the principle of quicksort. What is its complexity?


Why you need a data structure?


Define a set?


State the demerits of linked representation of binary trees?